Monday, November 30, 2009

Now Everybody Can Fly

This is AirAsia tagline and it is far from the truth. If you dont have credit cards, then you cant do the online promotional package. If no internet, then forget about longing for internet best ticket online dealing. All these cheap tickets is only possible if you are planing to go somewhere in a year time which many of us doesnt know whether we are able to get a leave or not. Internet? Some of us still dont have the luxury of a personal computer at home more to say internet services. Funny thing is that, once booked online, we cant pay through counter and even if it can, the price for the air ticket is much more expensive. So, I believed Not Everybody Can Fly.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Statute?

I wonder what is Lillian Too's book of fortune and Feng Shui has anything to do with our Law?

Monday, November 9, 2009

My Son

This is Ahmad Darwisy. Me and Elisa just woke up this morning and Darwisy is crying for milk. So I just let him lie on on my hand and he continued to sleep. Look at him, feeling content and secured. I dont understand and sad, really sad because some people just give away their child to other people merely because they are considered as unwanted. For those who wanted to give away their babies, InsyaAllah I am all willing in taking care of them. Please do not left them alone.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mountain Bike Cycling

It is a hobby. In fact, currently is hit list hobby in Malaysia after DSLR photography. People are really into buying a high grade and expensive bike now just to get involve in this kind of hobby. Most says that its for a better life and health as its promote a good cardiovaskular exercise and at the same time, its a fun hobby with a thrill jungle tracking using the said bike. BUT am just amazed by our complexity till we are not being so able to solve simple problems by using all the resources we had right in front of our eyes. I cant just digest why people love to do or able to do cycling middle of the night even on a rainy dusty night just to fulfill the definition of this hobby while letting themselves drive a car to work or to office every day and contributed a trafic jammed? Guess a trafic jammed is also one of our hobby.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When The Kids Around

My wife is having her dinner downstair right now leaving me with both of my kids. To be honest, it needs a highest strength of either pyshically and mentally. Right now, both of them are playing together. Though my eldest looks like me, but she inherit my wife's attitude. Lil' bit stuborn but soft hearted. Unlike my second, though he looks like my wife, but my Mom told me his attitude and nature seems more like me. Not much vocal sound, but really talented in doing action pack. Anyway, lately me and my wife having a hard time to sleep at night. One being too much on questionaire asking about everything and anything under the sun. The other one is more on a Smack Down action wrestling. Fuh! Sometimes its comforting to have all the time alone with my wife. But having them around, its some sort of teraphy to avoid stress. But for whatever it is, we are blessed to have those two.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kelapa Pandan

Bapa sms aku kelemaren betanya mau inda kediaku banih kelapa pandan. Nyangku masa saja tia. Katanya suruh tanami arah rumah kami. Hari ani dibawakannya 3 banih kelapa atu. Sudah tia ku tanam arah rumah kami patang tadi. Lapas ku menanam tadi, biniku betanya, apakan bestnya Kelapa Pandan ani? Hmm.. Yang banarnya, aku pun inda tau. Antam saja tia eh.

Mobile Blogger

For some, it is noticeable that few of my last entry is kinda lame and lack of formatting. Am so sorry about that coz lately its a bit difficult for me to switch on my laptop with 2 kids next to me ever wondering how to play games on it. Safe to keep my lappy aside I guess. So I decided to choose to post my entry using Mobile Blogger via my handphone. So far so good, but lack a lot of features such as words allignment, mutltiple image upload and other html coding.

Madu Tiga

Once I sing along a song titled Madu Tiga - Ahmad Dhani version while driving. My son is sitting next to me. Everytime I sang the part that says “kalau dua-dua merajuk, ana kawin tiga!“ he is looking at me with that suspicious looking face. He is only 8 months old when I took this photo. Faham ka?

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Home in Miri part II

After 4 days none-stop painting, repairing, touch- up and cleaning, this is how it looks like. At last, a complete clean and repaired house ready to move in. Now I can say goodbye to this house with a smile of satisfaction as all that are the least I can do.

My Home in Miri

After Hari Raya, I decided to go to Miri, my second home town to make my last visit to my house. The reason why I said this is my last visit is that we sold off this house and based on good faith, I wanted to clean and make some touch up to the house for the new owner. It has been 5 years I havent visit this house and last I visited was back in the year 2004. Knowing of spending a few days left having this house, I sort of having a the urges to do my best effort to repaint, touch up, repairs and clean the house for one last time. I still have a certain feelings of belonging for this house as this is the place I grew up. So I spent 5 days here to do all those chores and painting and now it looks like brand new now. Hope the new owner appreciate this house as we did.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aidilfitri 1430 Hijrah

Photos can tell a lot of stories. So here goes..

Jamming with Friends

Family Portaiture

My Wife and Kids

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ramadhan 2009

Ramadhan is almost to its end. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is coming this Sunday. So much things happen this Ramadhan month. But I want to share just few of it here. Here goes :-

Bazaar Ramadhan Chat

I was in Bazaar Ramadhan few days ago and while walking, there is one girl excitedly approaching another girl and started to chat :-

Girl 1 : Oiii! Apa polah kitak sitok?
Girl 2 : Nak carik barang makan.
Girl 1 : Oooooo.....

[since when Bazaar Ramadhan become a place for people to find other than food???]

Buying Kuih for Ramadhan

I was annoyed by this kind of scenario everytime people wants to buy kuih at Bazaar Ramadhan. This happen on the first week of Ramadhan this year.

Guy 1 : Kuih ya nyaman sik? (while pointing on one particular kuih)
Vendor : Nyamaaaaaaan.
Guy 1 : Menar ndakkah????
Vendor : Semua kuih kamek jual semua nyaman...!!!!

I was waiting for the vendor to entertain that guy first before he can entertain me. But I couldnt afford to wait for that conversation took off to the next level... so I said..

Me : Mun kitak sik cayak nak... kitak try lok. Boleh try bah!!

New Raya Hairdo

I went to my usual place to do haircut. While the chinese dude doing the haircut, I happen to see one particular guy sitting next to me having is hair wash by one of the stylist. But it so weird that he has no hair. A straight case BALD. Both of us went to the counter for payment and I saw a small comb in his wallet.

Me : Hey, Nice hairdo...

He just smile at me and walk towards the door.

Me : Selamat Hari Raya.... (I forget the "maaf zahir batin" part)... hihihi

Raya Holiday

A friend on FB chat asked me this :-

Friend : Bro, bila cuti raya?
Me : Apalaa lu, cuti raya pun tak tau bila....
Friend :Aku tanya bila kau start cuti raya?
Me : Of course time raya...

Invitation For Visiting on Raya

Friend : Bro, kelak raya datang rumah...
Me : OK InsyaAllah.
Friend : Kau tauk rumah aku siney nak?
Me : Sik...

Raya Menu

Lady 1 : Apa menu masak kitak raya tok?
Lady 2 : Biasalah... Rendang, Ketupat, Sate, Lemang, Ayam kari, Daging masak hitam, Ayam masak merah.. bla bla bla. Kitak?
Lady 1 : Lebih kurang la masak kita.

Sudah tau menu lagi mau tanya....! Why cant it be any soup, ikan bakar or a barbeque style during raya? Raya menu are becoming cliche.



Friday, September 11, 2009

Doa Seorang Anak

When is our first Doa to Allah? Does anybody remember it? Coz I dont. But I surely do remember my daugther's first Doa. This happen during the first week of Ramadhan recently.

My Wife : Kakak maok pesan apa Mama pulang kerja kelak?
Elisa : Ma, Kakak maok makan KFC.
My Wife : OK, kelak Mama beli InsyaAllah.
Elisa : Kenak Mama cakap camya? Mama cakap la Mama beli jak!
My Wife : Mama cakap camya sebab kalau Allah suruh Mama beli KFC, baru Mama dapat belikan.
Elisa : Oooo, kalau Allah sik suruh, Mama sik dapat beli KFC la?
My Wife : Aok. Jadi Kakak mesti baca doa supaya Allah suruh Mama beli KFC, OK?
Elisa : OK

Thought that conversation will end there. Think again...

Elisa : Kakak maok baca doa laa...

"Ya Allah, suruhlah Mama beli KFC untuk kamek petang kelak OK. AMIN"

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Haji Hamdan Bin Karim is my wife's grandfather. He is a very friendly and the most approachable person I've ever known. He lives in a huge, zinc roofed kampung house in Bau, Kuching. For my wife and all her counsins, he is known as "Nek Haji". As for all great-grandchildren, he is best known as "Atuk".

Atuk and us

Every now and then, family get together at Atuk's place for Tahlil, Birthday and of course every Raya. Atuk's house is actually a rendevous point for all of us. The best time to get to know all the family members is during the first day of Raya every year. It took me few Raya to fully understand and to familiarise all the family members' faces and names. When a new member of the family (just got married to one of the family member) came to his house and sitting alone on his sofa, he will sit next to him or her just to entertain them. It surely happen to me too. Though he is not a talkative person, but he is really a nice ice-breaker of the family. His soft spoken voice and nicely compose words somehow made us (all in-laws) feels the warm welcome feelings as if he is trying to tell us that we are now a part of his HUGE family.

I am not sure how old is Atuk. But I am sure he is 80 plus years old. Being an old man, he is not that strong anymore. Perhaps, his time has come to pass his legacy to the next generations. Atuk fell sick a month ago and he has been hospitalised since then. He cant barely move, cant eat and neither he talk to us like he always did. Maybe, he is just too old and too tired after all these years.

Hari Raya 2008 Reunion

Time flies. After four weeks keeping his strength to hold on, at last at about 10.15pm of 3rd of August, 2009 (Monday), Atuk passed away. Truth to be told, I am happy that Allah had taken him away because I could'nt bear to see him struggling to hold on his breath and strength just to entertain us while we visited him in hospital. But deep inside my heart, I feel very sad that I could no longer be able to sit next to him, talk to him, serve foods and drink for him and let him play with my children.

To Atuk, may your soul rest in peace... Al-Fatihah.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Sleep Over

Last saturday night, I had a photography job leaving my wife and my 2 kids at home. While on the job, my wife called me that Elisa (my 3 year old eldest daughter) stubbornly wanted to follow her Mak Ngah home with the intention to sleep over at their place that night. Nothing much we can do to stop her. Not even Ice Cream. So I planned to drop by to her Mak Ngah's house after I finish to ask Elisa again to re-confirm her staying over night there.

Soon, on the way to their house, I called up Elisa on her handphone (yeah... she got her own handphone ek!) and ask her whether she want me to pick her up for home.

Elisa : Hello Papa, kakak kat sitok rumah Mak Ngah!
Me : Aik... tekejut Papa eh! Papa datang maok ambik kakak balit rumah.. OK?
Elisa : Sik boleh!!! Papa sik dapat ambik kakak. Rumah dah kunci! Bye... bye.. bye (she hung-up)

I dropped by to their house and try to persuade her to go back home with me. Just for the record, she never had a good track record for sleep over at anybody home. It always end up people sent her back home middle of night. But that night, no matter how hard I tried, she persistently says that she want to sleep with her Mak Ngah that night. So I just leave.

Thinking of she might change her mind later, I dropped by at my friend's coffee shop to hang out for awhile waiting for the possibilities. Soon, at 11.30pm, Elisa call my wife asking her to come to fetch her back home. Ahhh... as expected eh! I rushed back to her Mak Ngah's house and upon arrival...

Me : Aik! Bukan kakak nak tidor rumah Mak Ngah ka?
Elisa : Sik maok! Kakak maok balit rumah!
Me : Apa Papa tadik nak mbak balit sik maok?
Elisa : Ya kakak eksen ajak!!
Me : *&@$%#@

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ideal Life

Me and my wife had a casual discussion last night. We talked about our children and daily life stuffs. We also talked about food and places to go and etc. She brought up an idea of being in my ideal kind of life and world. She told me, if I were to be in my ideal kind of life, I would be :-

  1. Had a Japanese wife
  2. Like to have an English breakfast everyday
  3. Like to have a Mediterranean or Middle East dishes for lunch and dinner
  4. Live in Alaska

NICE I told her! It got me thinking... what shall I call that kind of life then?? Perhaps, I just call it "My Perfect Shangri-la"

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Day Darwisy Born

It is OK to be panic when your wife is having a contractions. For a first time father to be, it is so dramatic and in most cases, panic is one of normal or standard procedure of a parent-to-be. However, for my case, am totally the opposite. Darwisy is my second child. Early morning at about 1am on 16 November, 2008, my wife told me that she is having a painful contractions but however it happens in a long periodically. Seriously, I dont know how is the pain, but all I know, no point rushing to hospital as it still long way to go. Then I just go to sleep next to Elisa.

At about 3.30am, she wake me up and told me that the time is come. Again, I just take it slowly and automatically I went to the kitchen to prepare for the things to be brought to hospital. No one at home except me, my wife and Elisa (still sleeping). To sent Elisa to babysitter's house is a bit taxing as their house is the opposite way from hospital. So I had no choice but to call Elisa's babysitter to come to our house to babysit Elisa while I bring my wife for labor in hospital. As usual, to call up people in the middle of a night may end up misinterpretation of the message that you want to tell them due to sleepiness. Its happen to me though. I called up Elisa's babysitter's husband that she addressed as "Abah".

Me : Am going to hospital to sent my wife for labor.
Abah : OK. If that is the case, sent Elisa to our house. We will wait for you guys.

I was like "huh"??? Their house is almost 20km away from our house and it is the opposite way to hospital. Silly me without thinking, I just said "OK". Then it got me thinking, how am I suppose to do that while my wife is almost at the verge of labor? How can she sustain the contraction pain of a journey more than 40km? But I still calm and I didnt panic at all. I had no choice but to tell my wife that by hook or by crook, I will carry Elisa along to hospital eventhough she still asleep.

My wife asked me how am I suppose to juggle between her and Elisa? I said I have no choice as to sent her over to babysitter's house will be taxing and long way to go. I told her to be calm and dont have to be worried about Elisa. At that juncture, the most important thing is my wife. So I packed everything that we need for the labor including Elisa's clothing and her milk. Suddenly my phone ringing. Its the babysitter :-

Babysitter : We will come over to your place. You dont have to bring Elisa here.

What a relieve. Babysitter arrived at about 5am then we departed to hospital thereafter. We arrived at the hospital at about 5.30am and we straight away go to labor room. Just after 6am that morning, Ahmad Darwisy is born. I cant never imagine if I were to sent Elisa to her babysitter first. Most likely, Darwisy will be born on board of my car. Only then I will be panicking!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Loratadine 10mg

Aku ada masalah alergik. Macam biasa, alergik aku ni menyebabkan aku rasa gatal yang amat sangat. Tak kira la kat mana-mana permukaan kulit yang mana. Kat kulit kepala, kat muka, kat jari, kat tangan, kat bijik mata atau kat badan. Tahap kegatalannya memang boleh membuatkan aku jadi stress yang amat sangat.

Masalah alergik aku ni timbul tahun 2000 lagi. Tapi aku tak perasan pun yang benda ni alergik pasal kekerapan kejadian alergik masa tu amatlah jarang sekali. Tapi sememnjak tahun 2002, kekerapan kejadian alergik ni semakin menjadi-jadi dan pada satu tahap boleh jadi tiap hari. Seperti biasa aku pegi klinik doktor akan tanya macam-macam soalan. Tanya aku makan apa, buat apa, pegi mana dan macam-macam lagi. Tapi tak ada pun penyebab yang "conclusive" alergik aku ni. Selalunya diorang kasi aku injection je. Tapi lepas tu.. memang aku akan jadi mengantuk yang teramat sangat dalam masa 10 minit sahaja.

Cuma pada tahun 2003 aku dah paham macam mana kriteria alergik aku ni. Kalau aku masuk tempat ada air-cond dan tiba-tiba keluar kat panas terik atau vice versa, alergik aku datang. Kalau aku bawak beg plastik yang berat, ruam kat tapak tangan aku naik dan menjadi penyebab alergik. kalau aku tergesel badan atau tangan mahupun kaki kat mana-mana benda keras ruam alergik pun buleh naik. Bukan sebab makan atau pun cuaca sangat. Cuma perubahan mendadak atau pun ruam sedikit kat kulit, cukup menjadi penyebab alergik aku naik gatal.

Tahun 2004 aku jumpa doktor bagi tau masalah aku ni. Aku ceritakan semua simptom dan karekter alergik aku ni. Doktor tanya aku, macam mana aku tangani masalah ni. Aku cakap terus terang aku makan ubat Loratadine 10mg kalau alergik aku datang. Lepas semua sesi soal-jawab, aku tanya kat doktor tu apa sebenarnya jenis alergik aku ni. Dia cakap Tropical Alergik (kalau aku tak silap). Aku tanya dia macam mana nak elakkan atau nak sembuh. Dia cakap tak boleh sembuh. Kenak tahan sakit je dan betul la aku makan ubat tu.

Tapi dia nasihatkan, jangan amalkan sangat ubat tu sebab benda tu racun. Makan bila perlu je disebabkan ubat tu ada side effect. Side effect dia ialah menjadi pelupa. Aku baru sedar sekarang yang apa yang doktor tu cakap memang betul. Walaupun aku sekarang takde sangat makan ubat tu, tapi dalam seminggu, aku akan makan atleast sebiji sebab alergik aku datang tahap yang tak boleh di tahan-tahan. Sekarang aku menjadi semakin pelupa.

Aku teringat tahun 2006 dulu, aku nak beli ubat Loratadine 10mg ni kat farmasi. Member aku bawak aku pegi kedai tu. Kami masuk sama-sama. Tengah-tengah kedai tu ada rak. Aku jalan lorong kanan, member aku lorong kiri. Bila jalan sampai hujung aku bertembung balik dengan member aku tu tadi. Tapi yang peliknya, aku boleh lupa dan tak kenal member aku tadi. Nama pun tak ingat langsung. Member aku hairan terus tanya aku apasal. Lepas 30 second, baru aku teringat balik yang dia tu member aku.

So, memang betul la cakap doktor tu. Makan ubat alergik nik tak elok sangat diamalkan. Tapi kalau dah tak tahan, terpaksa la makan. Aku kalau boleh aku tak nak langsung makan ubat ni. Tapi apa boleh buat, doktor cakap alergik jenis aku ni tak akan baik punya. Terpaksa laa aku layan Loratadine 10mg seumur hidup aku bila perlu.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maths In Sarawak Language

Since government announcing that they will abolished PPSMI, I think this is the best time to teach our young student especially in Sarawak these 2 subjects in our own mother-tongue. As what most people who support for abolishing PPSMI would say, this is to safeguard the identity of our own language. As such, in my opinion, let us Sarawakian do it our way. Teach in Sarawakian language.


Tok ada sigek masalah kira-kira. Si Piyan nak minjam duit dari Si Pijot duit Tiga Ringgit sebab nya dah sikda bisik duit agik. Tapi Pijot madah, mun nak minjam duit rah nya, nya ngecas Limak Posen, kira kedak cas proses minjam duit ya tek. Kedung Piyan nak minjam duit Tiga Ringgit tek, Pijot merik Piyan Duak Ringgit Limak Posen ajak kurang Limak Posen sebab kenak cas Limak Posen ya tek.

Isok harinya Piyan nak mulang balit duit pinjamnya rah Pijot. Dibayarnya rah Pijot Tiga Ringgit balit. Jadi soalannya, beghapa semenarnya uleh dak Pijot minjamkan duitnya rah Piyan?

I am pretty sure that not many of you can answer the question correctly, let alone to understand the language. But we must face the fact that based on the research conducted by the government and as well as research by people, it is better to teach Maths and Science in our own language before it became forgotten by our next generation.

PS:- For those who wanted to know the answer to the above question = it is RM1.

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Everytime my friends came from Semenanjung to Kuching asked me this question :-

Friend : Kat sini, apa makanan best eh?
Aku : Apa kau nak makan? Kau cakap je.. (my usual feedback)

To be honest, I am not sure where is the best place to go for food in Kuching. Its not that there is none, but when we talk about food, especially for those who are not local, you need to impress them, not just the taste, but the ambience as well. In respect of type of food, ah well, its predictable. Being not from Sarawak, surely they want to eat the famous Mee Kolok, Laksa Sarawak, Ikan Terubok, Ambal and many more.

Friend : Mee Kolok paling best kat sini kat mana?

Hahaha! This is the usual question being posed to me. Even if I tell them where is it, definitely they wont know. But actually, I dont know too. To me, all Mee Kolok are the same. The only different is either not tasty or normal one. Thats all. But to say its delicious or what-not, I may reserve my comment.

However its different for Laksa Sarawak. I know where can I find a good and delicious one. For normal Sarawakian style, the good and tasty Laksa can be found in Chinese like restaurant. Dont worry, though its own my non-muslim, but the operator or the stall selling the Laksa is own my muslim. But hey, for Semenanjung people, they hardly can differentiate Sarawakian's faces. Most of malays looks like chinese too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have so many photos of my family (I mean, my wife and both of my kids). But having all the photos in a softcopy data, I tend to leave it in my computer hardrive. So far, I managed to print some of the photos, but I still have thousands of it havent been printed out. Sometimes, my wife asked me when am I gonna print it out. I am a shame to admit that I had a big problem to choose which photos I should print out. Obviously, I cant print all of it cos it will costs me like a BOMB. 

So, recently I managed to choose few of recent photos and made a collage. Then I printed it out at 16" x 26" photo sizes (about poster size photo) and frame it. ATLAST, I did it! So this is the photo:-

Now, I have bigger problem... WHERE TO PUT THIS HUGE PHOTO?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh Kasihan Oh Kasihan!

I am sure many of us still remember few of our primary school's songs. I don't have to list it all down here I guess. You guys can have your memory refresh in just a second to remember one or two though. Recently, my borther-in-law gave a bunch of primary schools songs to my Elisa in a CD. Knowing Elisa, she will keep on playing that CD in a car or at home. My wife even transfer some of the songs to her HP for Elisa and Darwisy.

We all understand that all these songs are composed with a lyrics that incorporate of a moral values and a story line for kids. But after a while, I somehow disturbed by the lyrics of one particular song. If I can remember correctly, the song title is "Anak Ayam". So here goes the lyric :-

Ibu ayam dikejar musang,
Anak ayam cari ibunya,
Ibu ayam berlari, terus lari, lalu ditangkap musang,
Anak ayam mencari, terus cari, ibunya yang hilang,
Oh kasihan, Oh kasihan, Aduh kasihan......

Well, if you read it, seems nothing peculiar about the lyrics right. But, read or sing the song again carefully and change the word "Musang" to "Polis". 

[Sing with me] Oh Kasihan, Oh Kasihan, Aduh Kasihan.......!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Apa Papa Buat?

Tengah driving dari lane kanan nak masuk lane kiri, aku signal ke kiri. Then suddenly :-

Elisa : Apa Papa buat bunyi ya?
Aku : Papa tekan signal
Elisa : Ah??
Aku : Papa tekan sigal bah nak masuk sebelah kiri.
Elisa : Ooooo... Papa SIK KENAL!

Sometimes, if listen carefully, there is a joke in our kid's language.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Bad Luck In Disguise

Yesterday, I was driving back home from shopping for ration with my wife and kids. I was driving on the left lane casually. When I just about to reach a junction going in to my house, there was this Police Patrol car on the right lane. Then the officer sitting on the left seat were showing me a hand signal to stop. Then I realized that I am not wearing a seat belt. Neither do my wife. Hahaha! Of all the day I'm wearing it, only today that I forgot to fasten it, I got busted! S#%^@&!

My Wife : Hahah! Of all the day, now you kenak!
Me : Yup... how interesting can it be.
My Wife : The funny thing is that you are not the kind of a person who will not fasten the seat belt if driving! Hahaha
Me : Yeah, things happen. Sure kenak Saman this time. My bad anyway.

Then this officer went out from his patrol car and walked towards my car and asked me where I am heading to. Then he went to check my roadtax. While checking my roadtax on my windscreen, I can see the officer's face were a bit shock. On haste, he walked past by my door and remind me to fasten my seat belt. Next thing you know, he just drove away and I was like... WHAT THE HECK??? 

I am about to take out my driving license and about to admit that its my fault for not having my seat belt fastened! But this guy just took off!!!?? Then I realized that we are only like one week to go for Hari Gawai festive and definitely this guy just wanna get his "chance" to have an "extra" income for the festival. But having my Council's sticker on my windscreen, I think, he probably thought that he will be screwed if he try his "stunt" on me.

Frankly speaking, even if he tried, he will be okay because I believe in giving him such it will somehow stimulant our economy back to a good shape. Well, at least I have a good intention...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Semalam aku bermimpi tiba-tiba saja sahabat baik aku yang aku panggil Garf telah menjadi Kaya & Raya. Berapa kaya? Itu aku pun tak berapa pasti. Cumanya, semalam semasa aku bermimpi, aku tengah jalan-jalan kat sebuah kawasan apartment (entah aku pun tak tahu dekat mana) dan tiba-tiba Garf lalu dengan memandu kereta Camry berwarna biru muda Metallic. Dia memberhentikan kenderaannya dan memanggil aku duduk bersamanya. Dengan tiba-tiba dia serahkan sekeping cek yang bernilai RM285,000-00 atas nama aku. Mata aku terbeliak dan tanganku terketar-ketar. Aku ada tanya kat dia, kenapa nak berikan aku cek ni. Dia cakap "Rezeki Allah bagi, jadi ni aku sedekahkan". 

Because of this dream, when I woke up this morning, it makes me thinking on how should I spent such RM285K cash if such situation do happen? Few things on my list so far :-

  1. Pay RM100K for buying a new dream house and balance by way of mortgage
  2. Pay all any other or misc loan commitment
  3. Redeem the balance loan facilities of my Dad and my Dad in law's house
  4. Furnish the new dream house with IKEA stuffs
  5. Do proper landscaping for the exterior and compound of the house
  6. Extend the house.
  7. Buy myself a new laptop.
other than those listed, I am still thinking.....

So guys, if it happen to you, what will you do?

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I don't know about you guys, but am a bit of skeptical over "Tuition" thingy for an extra education for kids nowadays. During my time, I never heard about it, never attend any of it and couldnt care less about it. However, parents now are so typical. They tend to sent their kids for a tuition after school. Last time, they just sent for the purpose of UPSR, PMR or SPM. But now, they even sent them for some kind of center to train the kids how to do arithmetic at lighting speed. I am sure we all have heard about these.

I can understand that all parents wants their kid to be excel in their studies. Hearing that their friends sent their kids for a tuition, they also want the same thing thinking that without it, their kids will be left behind in terms of studies. Paranoid I supposed!!! To me, like some of other that might agree with me, this kind of tuition center or self-proclaimed genius training center is merely a business that couldnt careless about our kids education. All they want is our money and the outcome is "confused" kids. No one ever cares how fast you can solve a difficult maths problems. All you need is for kids to understand things. No matter how fast are they in solving maths equations or not, but in the end, to understand the purpose of doing so is more important than doing it.

Am not good in Maths. I fairly passed my Maths during major examinations. I failed Maths most of all semesters school exams. But it did not make me an idiot. I still can solve problems and in fact, I am so good at it as my nature of business now is solving others' problems. So, kids will not become smart if they are stuffed-in with all kinds of tuitions for a genius training center or what-not and they are still useless if they are not able to understand things in life, common sense and manners. As some would say, manners, common sense and religious education are the most important things than "speed reading" or "flash Math solving".

Maybe after all these, parents become more paranoid to sent their kids for a "tuition" in a "manners and common sense" academy. Who knows, GOOD BUSINESS MA!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Its Not About Me Anymore

Before I got married, I sometimes thought that having my own kid is the one thing I can't comprehend with. Not because I do not want to have it, but thinking of the responsibilities and commitment that I need to focus on them on 24/7 basis makes me a bit of less motivated to have even one.

Alhamdulillah, on the 24th day of January, 2006, my lovely wife safely delivered our first child, a girl, the first grandchild for both my parent and my parent in-law side. During the labour, I was inside the labour room with my wife and I even had the opportunity to witness the birth of my first baby, live in front of me. Waiting for the time to come is the most painfull stage, as my wife had to bear the pain of her contractions under inducement procedure.

It took us about 7 hours plus for her to bear all the pain and only 16 minutes past 9pm, our Elisa Ayuni was born. All these are my first experience and during labour, I had this ackward feelings that says I am about to be a father. All kinds of question clinging into my mind at that time. How to be a father? How to handle my very first child? What should I do next? What to call her? What will be her name? How does she looks like? Seriously, I have no idea of a feeling being a father at all. All these while, I am guessing that everything is exactly like others told me or just merely my assumption based on how my father brought me up.

A few second after my first baby was born, I had these all kind of feelings inside of me and it is a bit hard for me to explain or describe it. It feels good and it is so good until there is no words can ever explain how good it is. It is surely feels better than passing my SPM. Better than having graduated from University. Better than most things. A year before that, my friend told me about this feeling he had exactly about the same situation. No matter how hard he tried to explained it, still I can't figure it out or even imagine how does it feel. When my turn comes, I do agree with him, its really hard to described it.

The moment I have my own baby, I automatically had the fatherly instinct growing up inside of me. Babies clothing and attire in Parkson Grand are now attracts my attention. Baby toys and accessories are always be my objective during outing. The feeling of looking forward to go back home early to meet my baby is always haunting me everyday. Though am not the best father in the world, but atleast, everything I do, I've always think about my children.

Before got married, all that we cares about is our attire, impression, appearances and our convenience. The moment I become a father, such self-centred attitude were gone. Everything or anything, its all about my children. There is nothing I want more in this world than a smile and a happy face of my children. No matter how difficult our life is, their smile can make me forget all about it.

Thus make me wonders, why there are so many cases of people leaving their own babies in toilets, garbage and so forth? I couldnt stand leaving my child for a work, let alone ditching them into such places! If they dont want them, just give them to me. I will raise them like my own. No matter how hard or difficult in raising a kid, I've always thought that, we as an adult, can atleast give them a bit of a chance to live their life as much as we did. Our days left are depreciating, but their life had just begun.

Life sometimes hard and harsh. But having a child waiting in excitement for your return home daily after work... PRICELESS!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Long Journey

It has been awhile since I last travel outside Kuching. Been thinking of traveling to somewhere further other than Kuching area by car. The only thing that troubles me is that I dont want to travel alone. Of course, by all means, I want to bring my whole family too or otherwise the journey is not worth going.

Am thinking of traveling from Kuching straight to Merapok - the most northern village of Sarawak few metres from Sarawak - Sabah's border. Merapok is my mom's home town or village and it has been on my wish list to travel by my own car and park it under my grandmom's house. All these while, I only travel by plane or by boat from Limbang. Am not sure how far is Merapok from Kuching. But from Kuching to Miri alone, it takes more than 1000km.

From Kuching to Sarikei is about 350km. From Sarikei to Sibu is about 100km. From Sibu to Bintulu is about 200 plus km. from Bintulu to Miri is nearly 400km. Now you guys can do the math. But that just Kuching to Miri. Still we have Miri to Brunei, Brunei to Limbang, Limbang to Brunei and Brunei to Lawas. Then only after Lawas we have about 60km to go to Merapok.

I know! You guys must be thinking that I am crazy! But hey, thats the whole fun of it. JOURNEY! Time to see Sarawak from land view.  I dont know why, I just love to travel by car. If I can go to KL by car, I would do it definitely.

The longest journey Ive done using my current car is from Kuching to Miri in one shot. I only stop for pee and refueling. I took off from Kuching at 9am arrived at about 6.30pm in Miri (9 hour and 30 minutes of journey). For record, Sarawak does not have highway like in Semenanjung. Imagine old Rawang road all the way from Kuching to Miri! Imagine no rest station. 80℅ of the journey is jungle and a bit here and there, a sight of rumah panjang.

The rules of rest while balik kampung journey like in TV ads does not actually applies to Sarawak due to the fact that there are no proper rest station except non-halal kedai makan or just merely petrol station. As for journey from Kuching to Miri, its always the best to fuel-up the tank to full from Kuching, refuel either in Sarikei or Sibu then lastly in Tatau, small town 80km from Bintulu. Dont think about looking for petrol station from Bintulu to Miri as for the next 250km, there is none!

Sound interesting and adventurous ek! When I was in KL, 4 hours driving is considered as hardcore. Here in Sarawak, most drivers are capable of high endurance and long journey. Long means they can cope with more than 5 hours driving without rest. To be honest, driving from KL to JB is just merely uses 10℅ of my endurance capabilities. The road condition over in peninsular is 10 times better than here. I guess, 60 laps on F1 Grand Prix is just a joke. Though I will come last, but I believe I can make it under 2 hours without a single rest at all.

The old saying "slowly but surely" is also does not apply if driving from Kuching straight to Miri. The slower you drive, it will definitely taxing. You dont want to drive in rural road when night comes as it will expose you to night chase robbery or something to the same scenario. Furthermore, the longer it takes you to drive, the more tired you become. So, the best motto is "drive faster but be more extra carefull" as you do not want to hit people who lives in the rural area while they crossing the road out from nowhere.

The best speed for this journey is somewhere from 90kmph to 130kmph. Anything more than that, you will be dead as the curves, bumps, holes, the road conditions and the trafic is all in mess. Anything slower than that you will end up covers only about half of the journey for the whole day effort. The journey really sound harsh and taxing. But for me, this is what I called true adventures.

So, traveling by car from Kuching to the most southern place in Sarawak does not only requires money for fuel, but also needs high endurance capabilities, determination, strategies and of course little bit of courage. 

Thursday, April 30, 2009

St Joseph Miri - Class 5C Year 1993

Among the best years of my life that I remember is during the school days. I never had a chance of staying in one school for many years and due to the short of time dwelling at one place, I had a problem of recalling much of the memories and even trying to recall my friend's name. But there is only one particular time that I've always remember (which now its getting harder to recalled it due to age factor) that is when I started schooling in St Joseph Miri from 1991 to 1993 (Form 3 to 5).

It all started yesterday when I decided to search on FaceBook and trying so hard to retrieve every last pieces of my memory recalling back all of my friends' name. To be honest, it is quite difficult task. But then, once I found one of them, things are much easier to search thereafter.

WHY 1991 - 1993?

Those years are so significant as in 1991 I sit for SRP (now re-branded as PMR) and in 1993 I sit for SPM. I've just moved out from Limbang in 1991 and at first I was sent to class 3C. If am not mistaken, I sit just next to Tan Keng Hiong. Just 1 week after that, I was directed to transferred to class 3B where I meet up with few of my "best" friends. Catching up with new slang of Miri language is not that hard as previously, from 1989 to 1990 I was in Kuching.

What I like about St Joseph Miri is that, though we are all from different races, our class especially had this really strong knots of friendship. I still remember that our class were so impressive until we almost win every competition in school. Be it drama, be it sports or any kind of activities. Among teachers, our 5C class is branded as the best in terms of co-operation in every activities.

In my class, we have all sorts of races. You name it, we have it. Chinese we have, Indian we have, Malays we have, Semenanjung Malay also we have, Iban we have, Melanau we have and even Singh. Though we have all sorts of different faith, mother-tongue and races, but we are so close to each other and we even fight with our own school teacher as if our class is a Mafia Gang or somethin'. Hahahahah!

Anyway, it has been 16 years that I've lost contact to almost everybody from my class and only yesterday I managed to find some of them on FB. I took the above photo downloaded from my friend's FB and it does cast some good old flash back in my memories. Before I started to forget their names again, I think it is wise to list them down :-

Sitting from left to right
  1. Noor Azalina
  2. Cecelia Kueh
  3. Ivy Yap (heard she in Singapore)
  4. Florence Kong (heard she is in Miri)
  5. Donald Eldred (residing in Miri)
  6. Kok Pei Lin
  7. Amelia Henry (residing in Miri)
  8. Suraya Morshidi (last I heard she is in Bintulu)

Standing 2nd row from the left
  1. Angela Agan (residing in Miri)
  2. Chia Ya Sing (last met in KL in 2001)
  3. Christina Laing (teaching in Sri Aman)
  4. Kok Wan Nyuk
  5. Teo Siaw Ling
  6. Wee See Ing
  7. Yong Nyuk Hiong
  8. Su Li Na (residing in Miri)
  9. Liew Ah Jon
  10. Shanta (residing in Miri)
  11. Jagwant Kaur
  12. Jasmine Chong (residing in Miri and married recently)
  13. Belinda Yong (last I met her in 1994 in KL)
  14. Raine Junang (residing in Miri)
  15. Jean Lo
  16. Chai Siew Mui
  17. Jasmine Yeo (last met in KL in 1994)

Back row from the left
  1. Philip Tan (residing in Miri)
  2. Hamdan Nayan (working in Kuching)
  3. Ahjaman Rozali
  4. Tan Gung Menang
  5. Wong Yi Wen
  6. Mohammad Farzilla
  7. Christopher Mok (last met in KL in 1994)
  8. Me (am in Kuching)
  9. Eddy Lai (in KL)
  10. Ian David Brodie (currently in Miri)
  11. Andy Richard
  12. Huong Min Hin
  13. Christopher Tinkai (residing in Miri)
  14. Jason Heng Domingo (Vancouver, Canada)
  15. Ahmadi Khan (residing in Kuala Lumpur)

Browsing through my friends FB, they all sound like wanna have a reunion of our class. Most of our classmate now are all over the world, some in Aussie, some in KL, some in Singapore and most of it scattered all over Sarawak. It makes me wonder, how possible will it be to do reunion??

To all of my ex-classmate of 5C St Joseph Miri year 1993, if you are reading this, just remember that all of our classmate do cherish our time during those years and all of them now are eyeing for having our reunion. So guys :-


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Kelak Kakak Beli


Aku : Kak, ney selipar Papa?
Elisa : Sik tauk.
Aku : Dah hilang selipar Papa. Kesian Papa.
Elisa : Kelak Kakak Beli baru Pa ah....

Susu Dedek

Aku : Kak, susu Dedek dah abis. Kesian Dedek sik dapat nenen.
Elisa : Kelak Kakak Beli baru Pa ah....


Aku : Kesian Papa balit-balit pakey baju sama hari-hari. Papa dah sikda baju baru.
Elisa : Kelak Kakak Beli baru Pa ah....


Aku : Aduh, dah abis SunQuick. Sik dapat Papa minum gik eh.
Elisa : Kelak Kakak Beli baru Pa ah....

I dont know whether she really meant it or just  merely saying it for fun. Either way, she looks sincere when uttering the said words.

Last night on the road.

Aku : Kak, tengok bas ya. Ada TV dalamnya. Best eh!!
Elisa : Ney? Ney?
Aku : Nun... depan ya bah....
Elisa : Kelak Kakak Beli baru Pa ah....

Monday, April 20, 2009

Chief Justice

Back before 80's, all judges in court were wearing white long haired wig. Imagine a tanned skin asian guy wearing a wig. Am sure, nowadays it does look weird.. or even funny to some.

Last night, my wife took one disposable diaper and put it on my 5 months old boy's head. What do you know... he does look like this :-

We all laughed last night and now I addressed my son as "Your Lordship".

Thursday, April 16, 2009


I had this habit of letting my Messenger on my laptop on Online all the time while I am in the office. Normally, I will not reply to any spam or to any unknown person(s) that might goofing around on to my Messenger chat box. But yesterday, out of my curiosity, I replied to one unknown person's message which I found it really weird.

Unknown Guy : Hi there! I am you from the future and I bear a good news!
Boy From Limbang : I already knew my future.
Unknown Guy : Cool! ...... Who are you?
Boy From Limbang : I am "you" from your past. (He should know this what!!! He is the one who said that he is me from the future....!)
Unknown Guy : How far you are from my past? Is it like yesterday or 10 years ago?
Boy From Limbang : As far as you are to my future. (Obviously, since he is me in the future)


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


  1. Aku duduk depan TV malam tadi pukul 8pm tengok Buletin Utama. Berita mula-mula pasal eksiden bas tu.
  2. Lepas tu aku dengar ada mamat tu cakap lepas ni kerajaan akan buat satu kajian pasal eksiden ni. Depa nak check dan buat kajian tang mana pagar besi kat highway tu tak kuat yang antara lain penyebab kematian.
  3. Yang ni aku tak puas hati. Lain punya pasal, lain yang nak buat kajian. Yang dok sibuk buak kajian pagar besi tu nak buat apa??? Apsal tak buat kajian atas besi apa bas tu diperbuat? Kenapa tak buat kajian yang macam mana bas tu terlalu berat untuk di tahan oleh pagar besi tu? Buat kajian tentang berat badan penumpang ke? Aisehmen....
  4. Sometimes I did not get it. Things happen because of other reason. But people always wants to point out other things for excuses which sometimes, does not make any sense or at all.
  5. The accident were caused by human factor (ie. the driver himself). Without the negligence of the driver, none of these things happen. 
  6. Lucky the bus hits the iron road divider. Imagine the bus hits the hill side. Do the authority dare to conduct research on why the soil on the hill side is so dangerous that can cause death?

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Aku Ada Seorang Kawan...

Aku ada seorang kawan, baru je datang KL time aku study kat uni dulu. Macam biasa, gua mau tunjuk terer yang gua dah tau semua tempat happening kat KL. Apalagi.... gua ajak sekali pegi KL la tunggu bas mini kaler pink. 

Macam biasa, Bas Mini mesti laa penuh macam tin sadin. Gua dengan member gua masuk dalam berhimpit pasal lagi banyak orang nak masuk. memandangkan masih ramai lagi nak masuk, sorang minah ni cakap kat kawan aku ni "Alo mamat! Buleh masuk dalam sikit tak?".

Tekejut beruk kawan aku ni bila minah tu cakap cam tu. Macam ter konpius pun ada gak. Belakang dia cakap kat minah tu balik:-

"Eh... aku bukan Mamat laaa!"

Eh.. betul apa! Nama dia bukan Mamat la. Mesti kawan aku tu ingat minah tu salah orang. Hahaha

Going Through Hurdles

I never thought of being a person to practise law. Thats the last thing on my mind at certain point of my early life reason being that its kinda of hard for me to read Law during my studies in university. Perhaps, reading Laws courses is exposing myself to law books, law journals, articles, books, philosophy and other documents that all written in "ENGLISH". Frankly speaking, I am not good in English during school days.

For first year in Law courses, it took me forever to understand the Law jargons and terms used. Not only that, its kind of difficult for me to condoned an idea of "there is no right and wrong answer" kind of thinking as in Law Student. During school days, we are taught of what is right and what is wrong. We were never being exposed of any "grey" area... let alone on how to deal with it. To be honest, during my university time, I know "nuts" about the whole concept of taking law subject except on how to pass its exam.

However, I have to admit that reading Laws in english sometimes interesting. We learned a lot of new words everyday, new phrase and of course new way of thinking. But the thing is that most of our Law in Malaysia were adopted from Indian Law (being colonial states like us too). Even most of our lecturer in university are from India or within the same region of countries.

Being a naive person I am of not really understand of most of the subjects, I normally just keep myself busy writing down notes of whatever the lecturer said in his or her lecture. I had this one scenario happened during my 2nd year of reading Laws. I went to my Law of Tort class which the lecturer is from Pakistan. Being a person from Pakistan, he had Pakistani accent and some of the English pronounce word are different. First few days of lecture, he always tell us story of cases and he normally starts with :-

Lecturer : The platipus in this case.......

At first most of us thought that it was a terms "platipus" that he use in his lecture. So we tried our best to presumed on how to spell "platipus" for our handwritten notes. No one seems dare to ask what he actually meant by "platipus". Everyone seems satisfy or understand what "platipus" means.

After few days lecturing, one of my classmate raised his hand and asked, what actually he meant by "platipus". The lecturer just smiled then he said :-

Lecturer : Mind my accent, OK I write on the board.

Then he wrote the word "Plaintiffs" on the board and says :-

 "this is what I meant. Its platipus!"

After the explanation, reading Laws are far more interesting than before.... and I went through all the way.

Other's Opinion

I like what this guy says about PPSMI. I got it from other blog. Read it :-

Recently there is a lot of support calling for the reversal of teaching math and science in English. 
Much of these support comes of intellectual who has never studied any form of science or math in their respective college or University. 

Take for example the recent PPSMI forum which was supposed to be attended by Anwar Ibrahim but was replaced by Syed Husin ALi. 

Syed Husin Ali is a Professor of Anthropology and Sociology from University Malaya. What science or mathematics is there? In fact I had to look at the dictionary to understand the meaning of Anthropology.

The anthropologist Eric Wolf once described anthropology as "the most scientific of the humanities and the most humanistic of the sciences."

Zaidel describes Anthropology as a major you take in Uni if you can't do Math well but want to seem smart by having fancy words on your degree. 

And Anwar Ibrahim? Degree in Malay Studies, Oiyoooo the only Math they have in Malay Studies is to calculate the amount of credit you take per semester which isn't much of a problem for Anwar because during his Uni days he spent most of them shouting slogans on the street and getting angry for no apparent reason. 

Why I say getting angry for no apparent reason? Because later he Joined UMNO!! 

Back to thw reason why I support the damn thing. 
I came from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia and trust me when I say this that a few years back this was the most Bahasa Kebangsaan University than any other local universities combined. Let's just say the first 3 years of my Engineering days were filled with Bahasa Malaysia/Melayu jargons. Just to show you what I mean take a look at some of these examples..

Engineering Term 
Capacitor - Pemuat
Resistor - Perintang
Impedance - Galangan
Current - Arus

Others include : Momen Lentur, Tegasan, Terikan, Pepejal, Dinamik Haba and etc... 

I mean those Engineering Lecturer took the extra mile to translate every single damn thing into Malay and I greatly respect this. As oppose to my sociology lecturers who like to screw up the Malay Language by prostituting English words into BM. 

Take for example this term "Dekadensi Moral" When I first saw that term I was thinking what the hell is dekadensi moral, a type of resistor or something? Turns out Dekadensi comes from the English word Decadence. Dekadensi Moral means Moral Decadence direct translation where as you can simply translate it into "Kemerosotan Akhlak/Moral" which is much more clear. But NOOOO he had to use dekadensi so that he would seem smart and people won't question his Associate Professorship. Then you would have other words like kompak, visi, misi, infotainment, naratif kecil, naratif besar and penkek. 

At first the Lecturers (Engineering) seemed to get it all good, they managed to translate the English term to BM very well and with very clear meaning. Then Things started to change as the subject get's more complex and you get newer terms. Take for example this Subject..

"Motorolla 68000 Microprocessor"

Which translates to Mikro Pemproses Motorolla 68000" 
Sounds fine....

But then as you go deeper into the subject you will find more interesting terms. For instance

Timer - The clock cycle chip you use to send timing signals to the processors. It acts like a stopwatch to the processor. 

BM Translation - Pemasa. Which is fine.

Then we have things like this - 
Bistable Multivibrator - Dwimantap Penggetar Pelbagai. Apo Kobondo tu Jang? 

Then in microprocessor you have this term call "Interrupt" and like it's name it means to interrupt the normal cycle of the processor and tell it to focus to doing something else. Kinda like the phone rings when you are cooking, you stop cooking and answer the phone. 

The Malay Jargon Interrupt would be Sampukan. Interrupt Pin - Pin Sampukan.

Sampukan? Sampuk ke? Sejak bila Mikropemproses ada pocong atau Jembalang dalam dia? Ini Electrical Engineering ka Bomoh Engineering? 

Masked Interrupt - Sampukan Bertopeng. 
Handshake Interrupt - Sampukan Jabat Tangan. Ko salam dengan dia lepas tu ko kena sampuk, kira dia ni macam santau laa. 

Then you have this thing called "Latch" which is an output chip. 
Latch in Malay is Selak. 
Selak as in Selak pintu, Selak Pagar or Selak pintu Jamban.

Mula-mula baca dulu saya ingat Selak dalam erti kata Selak Kain. 
Contoh - Angin bertiup kencang lalu baju kurung Fasha Sanda pun selak sikit lalu Zaidel pun telah menerima ganguan emosi akibat dari kejadian itu. 

Naah see,
And it gets interesting when it comes to "Electrical Power" Subject. In there there is this chapter where they talk about CoEnergy in power transmission. Coenergy in malay is translated to Kotenaga.

Which is why when he gave the lecture my lecturer would loudly proclaim KOtenaga compare to the students who prefer to pronounce it as KOTEnaga. 

3 phase Coenergy in power transmission would then become
KoteNaga 3 fasa dalam penghantaran kuasa. OIYOOOOOO, kalah Anakonda! 

Just for fun here are some other Technical Jargons you can play with...

Transformer - Pengubah
Decoder - Penyahkod (Mak Nyah kot)
Multiplexer - Pemultiplex
Polarity - Kutub
Instruction Set - Set Suruhan
Components - Peranti (I bet you didn't know that) 
Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART) - Penghantar Penerima Pemasa Serentak Am 

Now try translating this
Connect Your Joy Stick into the server Port, you should find little problem with the Joystick as the server has Plug and Play mode. 

Masukkan Kayu Ria anda ke dalam lubang pelayan, anda sepatutnya tidak mempunyai banyak masaalah dalam memasukkan kayu ria anda kerana pelayan ini mempunyai fungsi masuk dan main. 

Hambik kau! 
Tu belum dia kena sampuk ke selak ke nak nak pulak ada kotenaga. 

By the time I was in my 4th year,
Everything was taught in English.... SENANG!

PS:- Kalau betul nak buang PPMSI, aku nak propose buat mata pelajaran sekolah ikut bahasa Sarawak pulak!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nothing Much

Days and nights are moving pretty fast nowadays. I hardly make much progress... seems things are not moving any much quicker, as fast as days and nights. During old days, it seems that things are moving much slower and I normally eager to wait for night to come as the good TV shows only being transmitted at night. You name it :-
  1. The A Team
  2. Mc Gyver
  3. Street Hawk
  4. Night Rider
  5. Airwolf
  6. Mission Impossible
  7. Hulk
  8. BJ and the bear
  9. Dallas
  10. Remington Steele (hope spelling are correct)
  11. and many more...
Everyday we have all sorts of TV series.. and its only shows at night. To wait for nights to come everyday, its like having a pain state of agony. Days are running its daylight pretty much slower than today. Anyway, thinking of slow... nothing can compare with our broadband (self- proclaimed) speed that we are currently subscribing. Am using stremyx at 2MB download rate and 512kb upload rate... but it took me forever to upload these :-

Elisa & Darwisy

My Wife & Darwisy

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Not Making Any Sense!

I have been to almost every state in Malaysia, except, Kelantan and Terengganu. Every states has their own distinctive features, food, culture and language. But the most obvious one will be the vehicles plate number. Every state has their own plate numbers which started with certain correspond alphabetical order. But except one state which is obviously Sarawak (my own home land) does not seems to make any sense or at all. These are my points :-

  1. Johor = their plate numbers always start with "J" ie: JBH9999 or JFR8888.
  2. Melaka = their plate numbers always start with "M" ie: MAB1111 or MEF4444.
  3. Negeri Sembilan = it always starts with "N" ie: NBW777 or NEF1414
  4. Selangor = obviously starts with "B" ie: BAE3535 or BGW1717
  5. Perak = even easy to remember. It all started with "A". ie: AEC555 or ADE36
  6. Penang = well its "P" of course ie: PEH1234 or PAP4321
  7. Kedah = as always starts with "K" ie: KA333 or KAE909
  8. Perlis = if am not mistaken started with "R" ie: RC303 or RB790
  9. Pahang = all starts with "C" ie: CAW345 or CBE543
  10. Terengganu = all starts with "T" ie: TT999 or TA352
  11.  Kelantan = their plate number starts with "D" ie: DAD222 or DAE976
  12. KL = even easy this one. Starts with "W" ie.. errr I think you guys can guess!
  13. Putrajaya = hmmm.. sometimes I saw Putrajaya sometimes I saw started with "W" too.
  14. Labuan = all starts with "L" ie: LB4994 or LL300
  15. Sabah = I think all starts with "S" just like Singapore. ie: SB9556B or SAA467A or something like that.
Anyway, every states in Malaysia has their own distinctive alphabet for their plate numbers. But in Sarawak, we have so much variation. I must say "Q" is our alphabetic correspondence here but then, it does not mean it must be the fore letter of the plate number. It can also be the last letter of the plate number. Let me show you some examples :-

  1. In Sarawak during the old days, our plate numbers normally corresponds to our district where the vehicle first registered. For example in Kuching, it all started with "K" ie: KA434 or in Miri MB788.
  2. In 90's JPJ had imposed Sarawak vehicle to put alphabet "Q" as its states plate correspondence. So then later, the previous KA434 became KA434Q and MB788 became MB788Q.
  3. Then after we run out second alphabet for our plate numbers, then the government imposed the Sarawak vehicle to put the letter "Q" as fore-front letter of the plate numbers and continue with the correspondence district alphabet. ie: for Kuching, its QKA1111, for Miri is QMA2222 and so forth.
  4. During this time too, some of our districts had a similar fore letter for example, Kuching and Kanowit. To differentiate it, the government create another set of plate number that only shows the numbers of the division in the states. ie: for the 7th Division of the states, all vehicles will starts with "7D" continue with the plate number and ends with the letter "Q". For example; 7D 111Q.
So you guys think that Sarawakian's plate numbers are confusing?? Wait till you see our current one. Back in 2003, Kuching's plate number were running out. The last one is QKY9999 and we could not used letter "Z" as its attributed only to the army. So some genius had created that Sarawak should start and adopt KL style. No matter which division we coming from, all must carry the systematic and orderly order of plate numbers. Then in 2003 all Sarawak plate numbers starts with QAA1 and still continue. 

As I wrote this entry, we are now currently serving plate number QAP****. As I see it, we are running our "QA" soon and perhaps by next year, we all starts with "QBA". But the funny thing is that the plate number for "QBA" has already exist corresponding to the old style of plate number reflecting the division. I wonder how the government will solve this problem later... and seriously, Sarawak's plate numbers now are redundant and those molding the rules of plate numbers in Sarawak are not making any sense.

Imagine in year 2020, I own a brand new car bearing register plate number QKA999. Back in 90's we already have this number. I foresee that someone will come to me and say:-

"Pakcik! Why are you still driving an old iron scraped!!!"