Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ideal Life

Me and my wife had a casual discussion last night. We talked about our children and daily life stuffs. We also talked about food and places to go and etc. She brought up an idea of being in my ideal kind of life and world. She told me, if I were to be in my ideal kind of life, I would be :-

  1. Had a Japanese wife
  2. Like to have an English breakfast everyday
  3. Like to have a Mediterranean or Middle East dishes for lunch and dinner
  4. Live in Alaska

NICE I told her! It got me thinking... what shall I call that kind of life then?? Perhaps, I just call it "My Perfect Shangri-la"


cohong gym said...

i want japanese girls too hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Y japanese? Not javanese?

HH said...

Y javanese? Not japanese?

hasnizam said...

heh...tak habis2 dgn awek jepun die. Bukan kak rini tu daa iras2 jepun kaaa. mata sepet...rini chaaannn