Monday, May 25, 2009

Bad Luck In Disguise

Yesterday, I was driving back home from shopping for ration with my wife and kids. I was driving on the left lane casually. When I just about to reach a junction going in to my house, there was this Police Patrol car on the right lane. Then the officer sitting on the left seat were showing me a hand signal to stop. Then I realized that I am not wearing a seat belt. Neither do my wife. Hahaha! Of all the day I'm wearing it, only today that I forgot to fasten it, I got busted! S#%^@&!

My Wife : Hahah! Of all the day, now you kenak!
Me : Yup... how interesting can it be.
My Wife : The funny thing is that you are not the kind of a person who will not fasten the seat belt if driving! Hahaha
Me : Yeah, things happen. Sure kenak Saman this time. My bad anyway.

Then this officer went out from his patrol car and walked towards my car and asked me where I am heading to. Then he went to check my roadtax. While checking my roadtax on my windscreen, I can see the officer's face were a bit shock. On haste, he walked past by my door and remind me to fasten my seat belt. Next thing you know, he just drove away and I was like... WHAT THE HECK??? 

I am about to take out my driving license and about to admit that its my fault for not having my seat belt fastened! But this guy just took off!!!?? Then I realized that we are only like one week to go for Hari Gawai festive and definitely this guy just wanna get his "chance" to have an "extra" income for the festival. But having my Council's sticker on my windscreen, I think, he probably thought that he will be screwed if he try his "stunt" on me.

Frankly speaking, even if he tried, he will be okay because I believe in giving him such it will somehow stimulant our economy back to a good shape. Well, at least I have a good intention...


hasnizam said...

well, the sticker has been with me since 2001 and surely it gives a hand, an invisible hand. ahahaha....sticker bar sarawak kat sini tak laku laa man. tapi mamat Sarawak yang keje Navy pernah tanya, "bawak keta dari sarawak naik apa?"

p/s: mentang2 laa keje navy ade kapal tolong bawak keta die, suke hati jeh tanya aku bawak keta naik apa...ingat aku nak tumpang kapal die ke?

cohong gym said...

U are lucky, i guess. But not for long. Always wear your seat belt. Safety beb. Duit bole cari, nyawa tak de spare part.

Itu hari, aku pegi Melaka lepak ngan member sekolah. Dalam kul 2 pagi aku gerak balik KL. Tak sempat keluar dari Bandar Melaka, ada roadblock. aku kena stop. dia mintak lesen, ic & roadtax. semua cukup. aku pulak buat bodo je. dia mintak aku bagi, pastu buat bodo. aku borak ngan murni tanpa pedulikan dia. polis tu dok tengok moto aku lama-lama macam cari kesalahan apa yang bole kena saman. tetiba dia kata, "hah! plat no. kecik, bole saman". aku memang dah agak dah. aku pun cakap ngan dia, "ok, saman la". muka dia masam macam cuka bila aku cakap macam tu.

Syamsulfaiz said...

Sticker Bar Council tu bole pakai jugak la kekadang. Dulu aku terlajak lampu merah, kena tahan dgn polis. Tapi nasib baik aku pakai baju ofis dan tie so aku cakap aku peguam on d way nak pegi Court dah lewat. Dia tengok sticker Bar Council, then dia bagi warning je. Tapi warning dia pedas jugakla telinga..

Tapi kat Dubai ni aku takde experience lagi. Dengar cerita kalau begitahu Malaysian, polis dubai berlembut sikit.