Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When The Kids Around

My wife is having her dinner downstair right now leaving me with both of my kids. To be honest, it needs a highest strength of either pyshically and mentally. Right now, both of them are playing together. Though my eldest looks like me, but she inherit my wife's attitude. Lil' bit stuborn but soft hearted. Unlike my second, though he looks like my wife, but my Mom told me his attitude and nature seems more like me. Not much vocal sound, but really talented in doing action pack. Anyway, lately me and my wife having a hard time to sleep at night. One being too much on questionaire asking about everything and anything under the sun. The other one is more on a Smack Down action wrestling. Fuh! Sometimes its comforting to have all the time alone with my wife. But having them around, its some sort of teraphy to avoid stress. But for whatever it is, we are blessed to have those two.

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