Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Is Wrong With These People?

I had enough with all kind of crap excuses given by government officer. Everytime we have dealings with them, usually end up with bad experience and incompetence. I did once having some matter with this one particular office and everytime I asked about my documents for the process which is suppose to be ready a week before, they are keep on saying under process and even to the extent of scolding me for not patient for waiting. Come on!! It should be done a week ago and now they are saying am not that patient!

Today I tried to contact one particular officer eversince 2pm. The staff keep on giving the excuse that the officer still haven't come and they don't know what time will she come. It could be later because they don't know whereabout this officer. Now is half an hour than 2pm and still they give me same old crap excuses.

No one seems to know where is this officer and they couldn't be bother to ask around. Meaning, they can just sleep at home coz no one will be bother of their attendance. What's wrong with these people????

Monday, February 22, 2010

MYEG - Simple, Convenient, Secure

I have Traffic Summon that due by this 24th. Just so happen that I saw in their notice that payment can be made through online www.myeg.com.my. So I went to that website and been trying to make payment via that site.

When the payment page opened, it says it need to redirect me to my bank webpage for the payment transaction. It also prompted me that if after 60 seconds, it does not redirecting me to the page, I need to login again and redo the whole process. But after more than 60 seconds I am still at the page where it stated "Simple, Convenient, Secure".

I keep on login for many times, but still no joy! I think this is is the most Secured webpage I've ever since and since it very "secured" I can't even make any payment for my summon. Sighhhhhh....

Friday, February 19, 2010

Do Now OR I Haunt You Later II

If I were to let the technician go off for CNY leave the other day, probably, my internet line will be activated only today which is almost a week after. As I stated earlier, TM had jumpered my telephone line for my broadband ADSL to 2MB downrate and I am just waiting for my account to be activated.

The funny thing is that the day when the technician came, he forgot to bring the modem (lucky that I have my own). He promised me to deliver it to me after his CNY leave which is yesterday. Again I never put my hope that high which is correct. He didn't deliver the modem.

But today he called me and sent me the modem. Oh my! Imagine I let him go before CNY the other day. It will be nightmare for me for not having an internet line for a whole.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do Now OR I Haunt You Later?

I applied for a new Streamyx line for my new business and as usual it took ages for them to process. After checking my line, it already jumpered and the ADSL line is now stable.

Since the phone line is now ready for broadband, to speed up things, I called Streamyx just to asked them to activate my account. The rest I will do the setup on my own as waiting their appointed contractor or technician will take a longer time. But they've told me they can't do it as their policy is that I need to wait for the technician to come to do all those things which is scheduled today at 12noon.

Today is a day before CNY and I had a feeling that they will not come. My assumption was correct as they didn't turn up and neither do they call me. Call up Streamyx and made a complaint and they gave me the HP no of the technician in-charge. When I call that person, he told me that he can't attend to my order as he already on leave for CNY. Such excuse make me really angry as not only he refused to come, he also refused to just activate my account too.

I called again their call centre and make a complaint. They gave me the HP no of the Coordinator who is in-charge of the technician. Called them and make some noise over the blatant refusal of that particular technician. I don't mind if that technician call me earlier and tell me he couldn't make it. But he just left me without words and never had any courtesy to atleast honour the appointment.

I do understand he is chinese and tomorrow is CNY, but common, the apointment is at 12noon but not only he didn't called and I have waited for him to come for more than 2 hours. Atleast call me laaaa!

After making that noise to their bosses, then the technician called me and told me that he will come to install it today. See....! If he do his work earlier, which he supposely did, he might not be haunted by my complaint and to come again later in the afternoon. Now, sapa susah???

Friday, February 12, 2010

So Overly Unreasonable

My wife had a toothache yesterday till she could no longer tolerate the pain. She knew that she had to do something about the pain. So I drove her to the nearest dental clinic. Upon entering the clinic, she were asked whether she had made any appointment. She told them that atleast let the dentist have a look at her teeth or give her sonething to ease the terrible pain.

Then the dentist came and told her that the only time they can entertain my wife is in 2 weeks time. I was shock coz no one in the right on mind to ask their patient to come in 2 weeks time for a treatment when such pain is necessary for an urgent treatment! Its like asking a badly injured person to come in next appointment in 2 weeks time for a treatment. Common!! This is so unreasonable!!! I would understand that if the dentist is so busy, but by just looking into my wife's case, I don't think they need a whole day to solve it.

We decided to look for another dentist and we found few near to our house but still, they are too occupied with other patient and they couldn't attend to my wife. Then we have no choice but to go to my favourite old dentist which is about 3 miles away from home. Once arrived, he treated my wife in 10 minutes and the pain gone.

I wonder if my dentist can do some courtesy treatment to my wife, why can't others? It only takes 10 minutes of their time anyway...

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy or not to be happy?

All of sudden my car reverse sensors went haywire. Always beeping eventhough there is nothing at the back. Went to Honda service centre and they advised me to change the sensors just to be sure.

Upon checking their inventories, they don't have any stock for my sensors and because of that they have to make an order specifically for my car. To do that I need to pay some deposit which poked out around RM100.

Later in the afternoon, my reverse sensors went OK. It does make me happy though, but at the same time, it makes me unhappy too for the money I have paid for something that doesn't need to be changed.