Thursday, May 14, 2009


I don't know about you guys, but am a bit of skeptical over "Tuition" thingy for an extra education for kids nowadays. During my time, I never heard about it, never attend any of it and couldnt care less about it. However, parents now are so typical. They tend to sent their kids for a tuition after school. Last time, they just sent for the purpose of UPSR, PMR or SPM. But now, they even sent them for some kind of center to train the kids how to do arithmetic at lighting speed. I am sure we all have heard about these.

I can understand that all parents wants their kid to be excel in their studies. Hearing that their friends sent their kids for a tuition, they also want the same thing thinking that without it, their kids will be left behind in terms of studies. Paranoid I supposed!!! To me, like some of other that might agree with me, this kind of tuition center or self-proclaimed genius training center is merely a business that couldnt careless about our kids education. All they want is our money and the outcome is "confused" kids. No one ever cares how fast you can solve a difficult maths problems. All you need is for kids to understand things. No matter how fast are they in solving maths equations or not, but in the end, to understand the purpose of doing so is more important than doing it.

Am not good in Maths. I fairly passed my Maths during major examinations. I failed Maths most of all semesters school exams. But it did not make me an idiot. I still can solve problems and in fact, I am so good at it as my nature of business now is solving others' problems. So, kids will not become smart if they are stuffed-in with all kinds of tuitions for a genius training center or what-not and they are still useless if they are not able to understand things in life, common sense and manners. As some would say, manners, common sense and religious education are the most important things than "speed reading" or "flash Math solving".

Maybe after all these, parents become more paranoid to sent their kids for a "tuition" in a "manners and common sense" academy. Who knows, GOOD BUSINESS MA!!!


HERMZZ said...

Driving to work this morning, I hear the news on the radio. The government suggested that the JPJ should incorporated a few questions or manners and ethics for a new driving license table test.

I was like HUH???? To me, this is one of the most futile suggestion I have ever heard so far. I did not get it. What in the world questions in JPJ table test have anything to do with Malaysian drivers attitude and manners?

If he is a jerk, no matter how many question the JPJ asked in their table test, he will still be a JERK!

Things nowadays are getting less rational

Syamsulfaiz said...

I dont' know bro, but to me tuition is a good way to let your kid to find out more about the topic he learned at school. The info and exercises he got from classrooms are certainly not enough. I have never attended a proper tuition in my life but before I sit for my SRP, my father forced me to take up Adabi Gaya-Pos tuition, sort of a long distance tuition that time, and it worked! I scored in my SRP. I didnt take any tuition for SPM and although I excelled but not as good as my SRP.

The only disadvantage of tuition is because it costs money. It is time for us to be tuition teacher at home.

HERMZZ said...

Am not totally against the tuition concept bro. But to be fair, the whole issue is not actually about the concept of having to learn for more input. The issue here is that people now are totally rely more on the tuition rather than the actual school.

Some I've seen, they even trust the tuition teachers than the school teachers. To me, its NOT the tuition that can made you smarter bro... but its the act of willing to learn, understand it, and use your common sense that makes you better and excel. No matter how many hours you go to a tuition it doesnt make a stupid to any smarter without understanding the whole concept of what he had studied.

I am from Limbang, a small (in fact) very small town on southern Sarawak. During my school days, we do not have tuition. We do not have any knowledge as to what exactly tuition means at that time. Like what my teachers always says, what they give in schools, we can get further info from library (which I did).

With our current tech and IT, all the info are ever-ready on the internet. Its a matter of google for it. But before we can do that, one must understand what are they looking for or else, they will be endless searching which normally end-up spam pop-up of porn website!!!!

Anonymous said...

ask the kid how is his day at school, be interested in everything that he say, then guide him with his study. don't just simply or blindly send him for tuition. u might not have all the answer for him but promise him that both of you will search for the answer. in guiding him, u will also educate yourself.

hasnizam said...

hermz...i have the same view about tuition. I prefer to teach my kids at home on how to mould a fireball and convince them that ultraman is a fiction. The solution if they want to fight with a huge body is to invent a Gundam like mobile suit. Tuition?....will teach them how to be a smart villain and to create clone soldiers

HERMZZ said...

Until and unless Jiraiyasama be the tuition teacher, I will for sure sent my kids for him to teach. But of course, I need to teach my kids on how to use Aura first at home.

cohong gym said...

Jiraiya rules!!!! too bad, he died. I will also send my kids (if any) to Kakashi.

p/s i am from the Uchiha blood line