Monday, April 20, 2009

Chief Justice

Back before 80's, all judges in court were wearing white long haired wig. Imagine a tanned skin asian guy wearing a wig. Am sure, nowadays it does look weird.. or even funny to some.

Last night, my wife took one disposable diaper and put it on my 5 months old boy's head. What do you know... he does look like this :-

We all laughed last night and now I addressed my son as "Your Lordship".


cohong gym said...

Bro, kita promotekan all lawyers ang judges pakai wig balik. But since we are asian, aku cadangkan pakai wig colour hitam. Jenis dan rupa wig diberikan kebebasan. Suka hati nak pakai yang mana. Aku nak pakai macam rock star. Baru la meriah court.

Eddy said...

selamba membuli anak kecil...