Thursday, June 25, 2009


Everytime my friends came from Semenanjung to Kuching asked me this question :-

Friend : Kat sini, apa makanan best eh?
Aku : Apa kau nak makan? Kau cakap je.. (my usual feedback)

To be honest, I am not sure where is the best place to go for food in Kuching. Its not that there is none, but when we talk about food, especially for those who are not local, you need to impress them, not just the taste, but the ambience as well. In respect of type of food, ah well, its predictable. Being not from Sarawak, surely they want to eat the famous Mee Kolok, Laksa Sarawak, Ikan Terubok, Ambal and many more.

Friend : Mee Kolok paling best kat sini kat mana?

Hahaha! This is the usual question being posed to me. Even if I tell them where is it, definitely they wont know. But actually, I dont know too. To me, all Mee Kolok are the same. The only different is either not tasty or normal one. Thats all. But to say its delicious or what-not, I may reserve my comment.

However its different for Laksa Sarawak. I know where can I find a good and delicious one. For normal Sarawakian style, the good and tasty Laksa can be found in Chinese like restaurant. Dont worry, though its own my non-muslim, but the operator or the stall selling the Laksa is own my muslim. But hey, for Semenanjung people, they hardly can differentiate Sarawakian's faces. Most of malays looks like chinese too.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have so many photos of my family (I mean, my wife and both of my kids). But having all the photos in a softcopy data, I tend to leave it in my computer hardrive. So far, I managed to print some of the photos, but I still have thousands of it havent been printed out. Sometimes, my wife asked me when am I gonna print it out. I am a shame to admit that I had a big problem to choose which photos I should print out. Obviously, I cant print all of it cos it will costs me like a BOMB. 

So, recently I managed to choose few of recent photos and made a collage. Then I printed it out at 16" x 26" photo sizes (about poster size photo) and frame it. ATLAST, I did it! So this is the photo:-

Now, I have bigger problem... WHERE TO PUT THIS HUGE PHOTO?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Oh Kasihan Oh Kasihan!

I am sure many of us still remember few of our primary school's songs. I don't have to list it all down here I guess. You guys can have your memory refresh in just a second to remember one or two though. Recently, my borther-in-law gave a bunch of primary schools songs to my Elisa in a CD. Knowing Elisa, she will keep on playing that CD in a car or at home. My wife even transfer some of the songs to her HP for Elisa and Darwisy.

We all understand that all these songs are composed with a lyrics that incorporate of a moral values and a story line for kids. But after a while, I somehow disturbed by the lyrics of one particular song. If I can remember correctly, the song title is "Anak Ayam". So here goes the lyric :-

Ibu ayam dikejar musang,
Anak ayam cari ibunya,
Ibu ayam berlari, terus lari, lalu ditangkap musang,
Anak ayam mencari, terus cari, ibunya yang hilang,
Oh kasihan, Oh kasihan, Aduh kasihan......

Well, if you read it, seems nothing peculiar about the lyrics right. But, read or sing the song again carefully and change the word "Musang" to "Polis". 

[Sing with me] Oh Kasihan, Oh Kasihan, Aduh Kasihan.......!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Apa Papa Buat?

Tengah driving dari lane kanan nak masuk lane kiri, aku signal ke kiri. Then suddenly :-

Elisa : Apa Papa buat bunyi ya?
Aku : Papa tekan signal
Elisa : Ah??
Aku : Papa tekan sigal bah nak masuk sebelah kiri.
Elisa : Ooooo... Papa SIK KENAL!

Sometimes, if listen carefully, there is a joke in our kid's language.