Thursday, April 16, 2009


I had this habit of letting my Messenger on my laptop on Online all the time while I am in the office. Normally, I will not reply to any spam or to any unknown person(s) that might goofing around on to my Messenger chat box. But yesterday, out of my curiosity, I replied to one unknown person's message which I found it really weird.

Unknown Guy : Hi there! I am you from the future and I bear a good news!
Boy From Limbang : I already knew my future.
Unknown Guy : Cool! ...... Who are you?
Boy From Limbang : I am "you" from your past. (He should know this what!!! He is the one who said that he is me from the future....!)
Unknown Guy : How far you are from my past? Is it like yesterday or 10 years ago?
Boy From Limbang : As far as you are to my future. (Obviously, since he is me in the future)



HERMZZ said...


Then again I realized that if I were during my future had the ability in leaping the quantum of dimensional time zone and had the capacity of contacting "present Me" using this Messenger, then there is a possibility that the Unknown Guy yesterday is actually "Me" from the future and now I labeled "Me" as a weirdo!!

OMG! I am weirdo!!!!

Eddy said... fact, you do sometimes hahahaha...

hasnizam said...

Man, ko tanya die. Dah bukak hotel tepi laut ke? Pas tu tanya, aku ade sekali tak? hehehehe...suruh future "aku" contact aku.

cohong gym said...

hahahaha wow. Aku pun nak cari Cohong from the future la. Lain kali kau tanya dia, macam mana keadaan kau in the future. Dah jadi millionaire atau billionaire. Pastu jangan lupa tanya dia siapa PM masa tu, mungkin aku hehehehe