Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Maths In Sarawak Language

Since government announcing that they will abolished PPSMI, I think this is the best time to teach our young student especially in Sarawak these 2 subjects in our own mother-tongue. As what most people who support for abolishing PPSMI would say, this is to safeguard the identity of our own language. As such, in my opinion, let us Sarawakian do it our way. Teach in Sarawakian language.


Tok ada sigek masalah kira-kira. Si Piyan nak minjam duit dari Si Pijot duit Tiga Ringgit sebab nya dah sikda bisik duit agik. Tapi Pijot madah, mun nak minjam duit rah nya, nya ngecas Limak Posen, kira kedak cas proses minjam duit ya tek. Kedung Piyan nak minjam duit Tiga Ringgit tek, Pijot merik Piyan Duak Ringgit Limak Posen ajak kurang Limak Posen sebab kenak cas Limak Posen ya tek.

Isok harinya Piyan nak mulang balit duit pinjamnya rah Pijot. Dibayarnya rah Pijot Tiga Ringgit balit. Jadi soalannya, beghapa semenarnya uleh dak Pijot minjamkan duitnya rah Piyan?

I am pretty sure that not many of you can answer the question correctly, let alone to understand the language. But we must face the fact that based on the research conducted by the government and as well as research by people, it is better to teach Maths and Science in our own language before it became forgotten by our next generation.

PS:- For those who wanted to know the answer to the above question = it is RM1.

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