Tuesday, June 23, 2009


I have so many photos of my family (I mean, my wife and both of my kids). But having all the photos in a softcopy data, I tend to leave it in my computer hardrive. So far, I managed to print some of the photos, but I still have thousands of it havent been printed out. Sometimes, my wife asked me when am I gonna print it out. I am a shame to admit that I had a big problem to choose which photos I should print out. Obviously, I cant print all of it cos it will costs me like a BOMB. 

So, recently I managed to choose few of recent photos and made a collage. Then I printed it out at 16" x 26" photo sizes (about poster size photo) and frame it. ATLAST, I did it! So this is the photo:-

Now, I have bigger problem... WHERE TO PUT THIS HUGE PHOTO?


cohong gym said...

apa susah, kau frame, pastu gantung kat dinding

Anonymous said...

Bisai anak-anakmu atu eh, macam orang Brunei ada juak. Kita asal orang sana kah?