Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aidilfitri 1430 Hijrah

Photos can tell a lot of stories. So here goes..

Jamming with Friends

Family Portaiture

My Wife and Kids

Friday, September 18, 2009

Ramadhan 2009

Ramadhan is almost to its end. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is coming this Sunday. So much things happen this Ramadhan month. But I want to share just few of it here. Here goes :-

Bazaar Ramadhan Chat

I was in Bazaar Ramadhan few days ago and while walking, there is one girl excitedly approaching another girl and started to chat :-

Girl 1 : Oiii! Apa polah kitak sitok?
Girl 2 : Nak carik barang makan.
Girl 1 : Oooooo.....

[since when Bazaar Ramadhan become a place for people to find other than food???]

Buying Kuih for Ramadhan

I was annoyed by this kind of scenario everytime people wants to buy kuih at Bazaar Ramadhan. This happen on the first week of Ramadhan this year.

Guy 1 : Kuih ya nyaman sik? (while pointing on one particular kuih)
Vendor : Nyamaaaaaaan.
Guy 1 : Menar ndakkah????
Vendor : Semua kuih kamek jual semua nyaman...!!!!

I was waiting for the vendor to entertain that guy first before he can entertain me. But I couldnt afford to wait for that conversation took off to the next level... so I said..

Me : Mun kitak sik cayak nak... kitak try lok. Boleh try bah!!

New Raya Hairdo

I went to my usual place to do haircut. While the chinese dude doing the haircut, I happen to see one particular guy sitting next to me having is hair wash by one of the stylist. But it so weird that he has no hair. A straight case BALD. Both of us went to the counter for payment and I saw a small comb in his wallet.

Me : Hey, Nice hairdo...

He just smile at me and walk towards the door.

Me : Selamat Hari Raya.... (I forget the "maaf zahir batin" part)... hihihi

Raya Holiday

A friend on FB chat asked me this :-

Friend : Bro, bila cuti raya?
Me : Apalaa lu, cuti raya pun tak tau bila....
Friend :Aku tanya bila kau start cuti raya?
Me : Of course time raya...

Invitation For Visiting on Raya

Friend : Bro, kelak raya datang rumah...
Me : OK InsyaAllah.
Friend : Kau tauk rumah aku siney nak?
Me : Sik...

Raya Menu

Lady 1 : Apa menu masak kitak raya tok?
Lady 2 : Biasalah... Rendang, Ketupat, Sate, Lemang, Ayam kari, Daging masak hitam, Ayam masak merah.. bla bla bla. Kitak?
Lady 1 : Lebih kurang la masak kita.

Sudah tau menu lagi mau tanya....! Why cant it be any soup, ikan bakar or a barbeque style during raya? Raya menu are becoming cliche.



Friday, September 11, 2009

Doa Seorang Anak

When is our first Doa to Allah? Does anybody remember it? Coz I dont. But I surely do remember my daugther's first Doa. This happen during the first week of Ramadhan recently.

My Wife : Kakak maok pesan apa Mama pulang kerja kelak?
Elisa : Ma, Kakak maok makan KFC.
My Wife : OK, kelak Mama beli InsyaAllah.
Elisa : Kenak Mama cakap camya? Mama cakap la Mama beli jak!
My Wife : Mama cakap camya sebab kalau Allah suruh Mama beli KFC, baru Mama dapat belikan.
Elisa : Oooo, kalau Allah sik suruh, Mama sik dapat beli KFC la?
My Wife : Aok. Jadi Kakak mesti baca doa supaya Allah suruh Mama beli KFC, OK?
Elisa : OK

Thought that conversation will end there. Think again...

Elisa : Kakak maok baca doa laa...

"Ya Allah, suruhlah Mama beli KFC untuk kamek petang kelak OK. AMIN"