Thursday, April 2, 2009

Going Through Hurdles

I never thought of being a person to practise law. Thats the last thing on my mind at certain point of my early life reason being that its kinda of hard for me to read Law during my studies in university. Perhaps, reading Laws courses is exposing myself to law books, law journals, articles, books, philosophy and other documents that all written in "ENGLISH". Frankly speaking, I am not good in English during school days.

For first year in Law courses, it took me forever to understand the Law jargons and terms used. Not only that, its kind of difficult for me to condoned an idea of "there is no right and wrong answer" kind of thinking as in Law Student. During school days, we are taught of what is right and what is wrong. We were never being exposed of any "grey" area... let alone on how to deal with it. To be honest, during my university time, I know "nuts" about the whole concept of taking law subject except on how to pass its exam.

However, I have to admit that reading Laws in english sometimes interesting. We learned a lot of new words everyday, new phrase and of course new way of thinking. But the thing is that most of our Law in Malaysia were adopted from Indian Law (being colonial states like us too). Even most of our lecturer in university are from India or within the same region of countries.

Being a naive person I am of not really understand of most of the subjects, I normally just keep myself busy writing down notes of whatever the lecturer said in his or her lecture. I had this one scenario happened during my 2nd year of reading Laws. I went to my Law of Tort class which the lecturer is from Pakistan. Being a person from Pakistan, he had Pakistani accent and some of the English pronounce word are different. First few days of lecture, he always tell us story of cases and he normally starts with :-

Lecturer : The platipus in this case.......

At first most of us thought that it was a terms "platipus" that he use in his lecture. So we tried our best to presumed on how to spell "platipus" for our handwritten notes. No one seems dare to ask what he actually meant by "platipus". Everyone seems satisfy or understand what "platipus" means.

After few days lecturing, one of my classmate raised his hand and asked, what actually he meant by "platipus". The lecturer just smiled then he said :-

Lecturer : Mind my accent, OK I write on the board.

Then he wrote the word "Plaintiffs" on the board and says :-

 "this is what I meant. Its platipus!"

After the explanation, reading Laws are far more interesting than before.... and I went through all the way.


Eddy said...

kahkahkah...aku pernah dengar ni cerita, lupa sdh siapa tu lecturer..

cohong gym said...

hahahahah aku rasa aku kenal sapa lecturer tu.

Errrr aku ada satu soalan untuk kau. Sejak bila pulak kau rajin buat nota masa lecture? pegi kelas pun jarang hahahahha

HERMZZ said...

Wey Cohong!

Aku tak rajin buat nota. Aku tulis je apa dio cakap kat depan. Selalunya end up nota tu jadi tukun sebab aku pun tak reti apa aku sendiri tulis.

Pasai pegi kelas jarang la aku kena tulis nota... takkan nak harap nota Kadiaq kot!!!

HERMZZ said...

Dan aku rasa... apa yang kau rasa tu adalah betul. Tak tau laa bebudak lain dapat raasa tak apa yang aku rasa yang kau rasa.....

cohong gym said...

hahahaha kita dari matrik sampai la final year selalu satu kelas. mesti la kau dapat rasa apa yang aku rasa heheheehe

Syamsulfaiz said...

Aku bole bayang muka lecturer Tort ni tapi nama dia tak ingat lagi. Anyway dulu aku ingat dia cakap aku eja macam apa yg aku dgr la.

kelakar cerita ko ni Man..

cohong gym said...

hahahha Along, kau pun sama gak