Monday, August 3, 2009

Sleep Over

Last saturday night, I had a photography job leaving my wife and my 2 kids at home. While on the job, my wife called me that Elisa (my 3 year old eldest daughter) stubbornly wanted to follow her Mak Ngah home with the intention to sleep over at their place that night. Nothing much we can do to stop her. Not even Ice Cream. So I planned to drop by to her Mak Ngah's house after I finish to ask Elisa again to re-confirm her staying over night there.

Soon, on the way to their house, I called up Elisa on her handphone (yeah... she got her own handphone ek!) and ask her whether she want me to pick her up for home.

Elisa : Hello Papa, kakak kat sitok rumah Mak Ngah!
Me : Aik... tekejut Papa eh! Papa datang maok ambik kakak balit rumah.. OK?
Elisa : Sik boleh!!! Papa sik dapat ambik kakak. Rumah dah kunci! Bye... bye.. bye (she hung-up)

I dropped by to their house and try to persuade her to go back home with me. Just for the record, she never had a good track record for sleep over at anybody home. It always end up people sent her back home middle of night. But that night, no matter how hard I tried, she persistently says that she want to sleep with her Mak Ngah that night. So I just leave.

Thinking of she might change her mind later, I dropped by at my friend's coffee shop to hang out for awhile waiting for the possibilities. Soon, at 11.30pm, Elisa call my wife asking her to come to fetch her back home. Ahhh... as expected eh! I rushed back to her Mak Ngah's house and upon arrival...

Me : Aik! Bukan kakak nak tidor rumah Mak Ngah ka?
Elisa : Sik maok! Kakak maok balit rumah!
Me : Apa Papa tadik nak mbak balit sik maok?
Elisa : Ya kakak eksen ajak!!
Me : *&@$%#@


Eddy said...

kahkahkah...baru ko tau kana eksen oleh elisa..

cohong gym said...

hahhahhaha nasib baik kau dah standby