Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Day Darwisy Born

It is OK to be panic when your wife is having a contractions. For a first time father to be, it is so dramatic and in most cases, panic is one of normal or standard procedure of a parent-to-be. However, for my case, am totally the opposite. Darwisy is my second child. Early morning at about 1am on 16 November, 2008, my wife told me that she is having a painful contractions but however it happens in a long periodically. Seriously, I dont know how is the pain, but all I know, no point rushing to hospital as it still long way to go. Then I just go to sleep next to Elisa.

At about 3.30am, she wake me up and told me that the time is come. Again, I just take it slowly and automatically I went to the kitchen to prepare for the things to be brought to hospital. No one at home except me, my wife and Elisa (still sleeping). To sent Elisa to babysitter's house is a bit taxing as their house is the opposite way from hospital. So I had no choice but to call Elisa's babysitter to come to our house to babysit Elisa while I bring my wife for labor in hospital. As usual, to call up people in the middle of a night may end up misinterpretation of the message that you want to tell them due to sleepiness. Its happen to me though. I called up Elisa's babysitter's husband that she addressed as "Abah".

Me : Am going to hospital to sent my wife for labor.
Abah : OK. If that is the case, sent Elisa to our house. We will wait for you guys.

I was like "huh"??? Their house is almost 20km away from our house and it is the opposite way to hospital. Silly me without thinking, I just said "OK". Then it got me thinking, how am I suppose to do that while my wife is almost at the verge of labor? How can she sustain the contraction pain of a journey more than 40km? But I still calm and I didnt panic at all. I had no choice but to tell my wife that by hook or by crook, I will carry Elisa along to hospital eventhough she still asleep.

My wife asked me how am I suppose to juggle between her and Elisa? I said I have no choice as to sent her over to babysitter's house will be taxing and long way to go. I told her to be calm and dont have to be worried about Elisa. At that juncture, the most important thing is my wife. So I packed everything that we need for the labor including Elisa's clothing and her milk. Suddenly my phone ringing. Its the babysitter :-

Babysitter : We will come over to your place. You dont have to bring Elisa here.

What a relieve. Babysitter arrived at about 5am then we departed to hospital thereafter. We arrived at the hospital at about 5.30am and we straight away go to labor room. Just after 6am that morning, Ahmad Darwisy is born. I cant never imagine if I were to sent Elisa to her babysitter first. Most likely, Darwisy will be born on board of my car. Only then I will be panicking!!


hasnizam said...

ok la jugak tu. anak aku no. 2, wife aku ngadu sakit masa aku tengah main game. aku jwb tunggu sakit sgt2 dulu. kali kedua die ngadu lagi..sakit sgt katanya. aku bawak pegi hospital tinggal die kat sana aku balik sambung main game. pagi esoknya aku dtg tengok2 baby dah elok tido sebelah ibunya. Hmmm...moralnya jgn pecaya sgt nurse kat hospital yg suruh suami balik sebab katanya lambat lagi bersalin niiii....

Eddy said...

kejap, aku imagine rupa ko kalau panik...hmmmm..nda dapat oh, ko bulih panik ka?