Friday, September 18, 2009

Ramadhan 2009

Ramadhan is almost to its end. Hari Raya Aidilfitri is coming this Sunday. So much things happen this Ramadhan month. But I want to share just few of it here. Here goes :-

Bazaar Ramadhan Chat

I was in Bazaar Ramadhan few days ago and while walking, there is one girl excitedly approaching another girl and started to chat :-

Girl 1 : Oiii! Apa polah kitak sitok?
Girl 2 : Nak carik barang makan.
Girl 1 : Oooooo.....

[since when Bazaar Ramadhan become a place for people to find other than food???]

Buying Kuih for Ramadhan

I was annoyed by this kind of scenario everytime people wants to buy kuih at Bazaar Ramadhan. This happen on the first week of Ramadhan this year.

Guy 1 : Kuih ya nyaman sik? (while pointing on one particular kuih)
Vendor : Nyamaaaaaaan.
Guy 1 : Menar ndakkah????
Vendor : Semua kuih kamek jual semua nyaman...!!!!

I was waiting for the vendor to entertain that guy first before he can entertain me. But I couldnt afford to wait for that conversation took off to the next level... so I said..

Me : Mun kitak sik cayak nak... kitak try lok. Boleh try bah!!

New Raya Hairdo

I went to my usual place to do haircut. While the chinese dude doing the haircut, I happen to see one particular guy sitting next to me having is hair wash by one of the stylist. But it so weird that he has no hair. A straight case BALD. Both of us went to the counter for payment and I saw a small comb in his wallet.

Me : Hey, Nice hairdo...

He just smile at me and walk towards the door.

Me : Selamat Hari Raya.... (I forget the "maaf zahir batin" part)... hihihi

Raya Holiday

A friend on FB chat asked me this :-

Friend : Bro, bila cuti raya?
Me : Apalaa lu, cuti raya pun tak tau bila....
Friend :Aku tanya bila kau start cuti raya?
Me : Of course time raya...

Invitation For Visiting on Raya

Friend : Bro, kelak raya datang rumah...
Me : OK InsyaAllah.
Friend : Kau tauk rumah aku siney nak?
Me : Sik...

Raya Menu

Lady 1 : Apa menu masak kitak raya tok?
Lady 2 : Biasalah... Rendang, Ketupat, Sate, Lemang, Ayam kari, Daging masak hitam, Ayam masak merah.. bla bla bla. Kitak?
Lady 1 : Lebih kurang la masak kita.

Sudah tau menu lagi mau tanya....! Why cant it be any soup, ikan bakar or a barbeque style during raya? Raya menu are becoming cliche.



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