Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Mountain Bike Cycling

It is a hobby. In fact, currently is hit list hobby in Malaysia after DSLR photography. People are really into buying a high grade and expensive bike now just to get involve in this kind of hobby. Most says that its for a better life and health as its promote a good cardiovaskular exercise and at the same time, its a fun hobby with a thrill jungle tracking using the said bike. BUT am just amazed by our complexity till we are not being so able to solve simple problems by using all the resources we had right in front of our eyes. I cant just digest why people love to do or able to do cycling middle of the night even on a rainy dusty night just to fulfill the definition of this hobby while letting themselves drive a car to work or to office every day and contributed a trafic jammed? Guess a trafic jammed is also one of our hobby.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When The Kids Around

My wife is having her dinner downstair right now leaving me with both of my kids. To be honest, it needs a highest strength of either pyshically and mentally. Right now, both of them are playing together. Though my eldest looks like me, but she inherit my wife's attitude. Lil' bit stuborn but soft hearted. Unlike my second, though he looks like my wife, but my Mom told me his attitude and nature seems more like me. Not much vocal sound, but really talented in doing action pack. Anyway, lately me and my wife having a hard time to sleep at night. One being too much on questionaire asking about everything and anything under the sun. The other one is more on a Smack Down action wrestling. Fuh! Sometimes its comforting to have all the time alone with my wife. But having them around, its some sort of teraphy to avoid stress. But for whatever it is, we are blessed to have those two.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Kelapa Pandan

Bapa sms aku kelemaren betanya mau inda kediaku banih kelapa pandan. Nyangku masa saja tia. Katanya suruh tanami arah rumah kami. Hari ani dibawakannya 3 banih kelapa atu. Sudah tia ku tanam arah rumah kami patang tadi. Lapas ku menanam tadi, biniku betanya, apakan bestnya Kelapa Pandan ani? Hmm.. Yang banarnya, aku pun inda tau. Antam saja tia eh.

Mobile Blogger

For some, it is noticeable that few of my last entry is kinda lame and lack of formatting. Am so sorry about that coz lately its a bit difficult for me to switch on my laptop with 2 kids next to me ever wondering how to play games on it. Safe to keep my lappy aside I guess. So I decided to choose to post my entry using Mobile Blogger via my handphone. So far so good, but lack a lot of features such as words allignment, mutltiple image upload and other html coding.

Madu Tiga

Once I sing along a song titled Madu Tiga - Ahmad Dhani version while driving. My son is sitting next to me. Everytime I sang the part that says “kalau dua-dua merajuk, ana kawin tiga!“ he is looking at me with that suspicious looking face. He is only 8 months old when I took this photo. Faham ka?

Friday, October 16, 2009

My Home in Miri part II

After 4 days none-stop painting, repairing, touch- up and cleaning, this is how it looks like. At last, a complete clean and repaired house ready to move in. Now I can say goodbye to this house with a smile of satisfaction as all that are the least I can do.

My Home in Miri

After Hari Raya, I decided to go to Miri, my second home town to make my last visit to my house. The reason why I said this is my last visit is that we sold off this house and based on good faith, I wanted to clean and make some touch up to the house for the new owner. It has been 5 years I havent visit this house and last I visited was back in the year 2004. Knowing of spending a few days left having this house, I sort of having a the urges to do my best effort to repaint, touch up, repairs and clean the house for one last time. I still have a certain feelings of belonging for this house as this is the place I grew up. So I spent 5 days here to do all those chores and painting and now it looks like brand new now. Hope the new owner appreciate this house as we did.