Tuesday, February 23, 2010

What Is Wrong With These People?

I had enough with all kind of crap excuses given by government officer. Everytime we have dealings with them, usually end up with bad experience and incompetence. I did once having some matter with this one particular office and everytime I asked about my documents for the process which is suppose to be ready a week before, they are keep on saying under process and even to the extent of scolding me for not patient for waiting. Come on!! It should be done a week ago and now they are saying am not that patient!

Today I tried to contact one particular officer eversince 2pm. The staff keep on giving the excuse that the officer still haven't come and they don't know what time will she come. It could be later because they don't know whereabout this officer. Now is half an hour than 2pm and still they give me same old crap excuses.

No one seems to know where is this officer and they couldn't be bother to ask around. Meaning, they can just sleep at home coz no one will be bother of their attendance. What's wrong with these people????


Eddy said...

Hoho...anywhere, anytime, everywhere..it is a pendemic, cannot be cured, we'll have to live with it..

cohong gym said...

standard la tu bro. kat mana mana pun sama. aku kenal this ex gov servant berpangkat one of the highest in the gomen, aku tanya dia pasal kelembapan gomen staff. dia cakap dia tau pasal benda ni tapi dah tak leh nak buat apa apa pasal dah jadi habit. tapi dia kata ada jugak yang efficient tapi lagi ramai yang tak efficient