Monday, February 22, 2010

MYEG - Simple, Convenient, Secure

I have Traffic Summon that due by this 24th. Just so happen that I saw in their notice that payment can be made through online So I went to that website and been trying to make payment via that site.

When the payment page opened, it says it need to redirect me to my bank webpage for the payment transaction. It also prompted me that if after 60 seconds, it does not redirecting me to the page, I need to login again and redo the whole process. But after more than 60 seconds I am still at the page where it stated "Simple, Convenient, Secure".

I keep on login for many times, but still no joy! I think this is is the most Secured webpage I've ever since and since it very "secured" I can't even make any payment for my summon. Sighhhhhh....

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