Saturday, February 13, 2010

Do Now OR I Haunt You Later?

I applied for a new Streamyx line for my new business and as usual it took ages for them to process. After checking my line, it already jumpered and the ADSL line is now stable.

Since the phone line is now ready for broadband, to speed up things, I called Streamyx just to asked them to activate my account. The rest I will do the setup on my own as waiting their appointed contractor or technician will take a longer time. But they've told me they can't do it as their policy is that I need to wait for the technician to come to do all those things which is scheduled today at 12noon.

Today is a day before CNY and I had a feeling that they will not come. My assumption was correct as they didn't turn up and neither do they call me. Call up Streamyx and made a complaint and they gave me the HP no of the technician in-charge. When I call that person, he told me that he can't attend to my order as he already on leave for CNY. Such excuse make me really angry as not only he refused to come, he also refused to just activate my account too.

I called again their call centre and make a complaint. They gave me the HP no of the Coordinator who is in-charge of the technician. Called them and make some noise over the blatant refusal of that particular technician. I don't mind if that technician call me earlier and tell me he couldn't make it. But he just left me without words and never had any courtesy to atleast honour the appointment.

I do understand he is chinese and tomorrow is CNY, but common, the apointment is at 12noon but not only he didn't called and I have waited for him to come for more than 2 hours. Atleast call me laaaa!

After making that noise to their bosses, then the technician called me and told me that he will come to install it today. See....! If he do his work earlier, which he supposely did, he might not be haunted by my complaint and to come again later in the afternoon. Now, sapa susah???

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