Friday, February 19, 2010

Do Now OR I Haunt You Later II

If I were to let the technician go off for CNY leave the other day, probably, my internet line will be activated only today which is almost a week after. As I stated earlier, TM had jumpered my telephone line for my broadband ADSL to 2MB downrate and I am just waiting for my account to be activated.

The funny thing is that the day when the technician came, he forgot to bring the modem (lucky that I have my own). He promised me to deliver it to me after his CNY leave which is yesterday. Again I never put my hope that high which is correct. He didn't deliver the modem.

But today he called me and sent me the modem. Oh my! Imagine I let him go before CNY the other day. It will be nightmare for me for not having an internet line for a whole.


Syamsulfaiz said...

I need to re-install my internet this week due to change of location. I am very lazy to do it because I know I will face same inefficient service like the one you just had.

HH said...

tell me about it and this is not the first time