Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Happy or not to be happy?

All of sudden my car reverse sensors went haywire. Always beeping eventhough there is nothing at the back. Went to Honda service centre and they advised me to change the sensors just to be sure.

Upon checking their inventories, they don't have any stock for my sensors and because of that they have to make an order specifically for my car. To do that I need to pay some deposit which poked out around RM100.

Later in the afternoon, my reverse sensors went OK. It does make me happy though, but at the same time, it makes me unhappy too for the money I have paid for something that doesn't need to be changed.


Syamsulfaiz said...

Can't you claim the deposit back? But give the sensors another more days and see if it still functions properly. Nowadays even Toyota is not reliable anymore.

Diman The Great said...

tukar hybrid car terus ja man mccm keta aku; boleh pakai RON95 & RON 97