Friday, February 12, 2010

So Overly Unreasonable

My wife had a toothache yesterday till she could no longer tolerate the pain. She knew that she had to do something about the pain. So I drove her to the nearest dental clinic. Upon entering the clinic, she were asked whether she had made any appointment. She told them that atleast let the dentist have a look at her teeth or give her sonething to ease the terrible pain.

Then the dentist came and told her that the only time they can entertain my wife is in 2 weeks time. I was shock coz no one in the right on mind to ask their patient to come in 2 weeks time for a treatment when such pain is necessary for an urgent treatment! Its like asking a badly injured person to come in next appointment in 2 weeks time for a treatment. Common!! This is so unreasonable!!! I would understand that if the dentist is so busy, but by just looking into my wife's case, I don't think they need a whole day to solve it.

We decided to look for another dentist and we found few near to our house but still, they are too occupied with other patient and they couldn't attend to my wife. Then we have no choice but to go to my favourite old dentist which is about 3 miles away from home. Once arrived, he treated my wife in 10 minutes and the pain gone.

I wonder if my dentist can do some courtesy treatment to my wife, why can't others? It only takes 10 minutes of their time anyway...

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