Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Shock & Shiok

It has been too long for my Powerbook 1ghz powerPC G4 serving me and in fact, its still serving me quite well. Good enough for browsing, simple mp3s download, word processing and even office networking. All of my Mac's friend have upgraded themselves to a new Intel-based Mac eversince the year it was introduced leaving me behind quite far.

Since I took up photography seriously, I foresee that all new recent DSLR's softwares are not meant for my old powerbook anymore. Its time for me to upgrade after 3 years holding it back!

So I decided to get an iMac. My first thought was that the intended iMac will be Intel Core 2 Duo 2.6Ghz with 320GB Hdd and all with wired keyboard and mouse. I was shock when my friend in ITFusion told me it is more than that!! 3.06ghz of Intel Core 2 Duo with 500GB Hdd and 4GB DDR3 ram. I am still clueless even now. Now I realised that I have left out quite substantial of my life for not bothering myself with the current Mac technologies.

Anyway, Moorey told me tomorrow is the day that my iMac will arrived. I am not sure whether am shiok state of mind or what. But am sure that am still in SHOCK!

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Syamsulfaiz said...

iMac is a work of art. Beautiful in the inside and outside, function and design wise !