Wednesday, January 13, 2010

First Night Without Mama

Eversince my second child was born, there is no history of my wife leaving me to babysit my 2 kids for a whole day and night. Tonight is the night as she had to go KL having a meeting next thing after breaksfast tomorrow morning.

At first, I am kind of worried as my son is actually emotionally attached to his mother. Anything and literally everything must come from Mama, even feeding his "nenen". I never had any track record of a success of giving my boy rest to sleep at night. And he is now alnost 1 year and 2 months old.

However, I may have underestimated my own capabillities. To my own surprise, I managed to rest both of my children to sleep even before 11.30pm just now without so much hassle. But I had to switch everything off including the light. And that make me sleepy too.

Ah well, its almost mid night and I had to be on standby all night long as this time, there are not gonna be any assistant for me. Hopefully I can go through tonight with a success. Amin....

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