Sunday, January 3, 2010

Long Break

Been a long period without any post. Not bored and neither tired, just having unsufficient time. Starts in first week of December 2009, am so busy packing up and shifting office to our new place. Pack, carry and unpack!

Then the 2nd week of December, the whole family were too busy with my sister's wedding. A lot of preparation and logistic for other family members to come from KL, Miri, Brunei, Limbang and Lawas.

Then come to the 3rd week of December. My sister's wedding comes to the 2nd stage. It was held in Bangi, Selangor. I went to KL just 1 day earlier for the wedding. Bring along with all the kids for a long vacation too.

After the wedding, I brought my kids to many places. Zoo Negara, Aquaria, BB Plaza, Sungei Wang, KLCC, Wangsa Maju and all kind of places. Thanks to my friend Apez for lending his car throughout my stay.

The 4th week of December, whole of my family on my mother in-law side went for a journey to Taiping, Perak for my wife cousin's wedding. We drove 7 cars including 2, 12 seaters vans. Its fun! Just a bit tiring for waiting all to arrived. We've stayed 2 nights at Taiping.

Now we are home after 2 weeks journey out of town. Missed my crib and my car. There you are, 4 weeks of excuses for not posting any new entry for the last month of 2009. Well, that is not a good excuse but I will try to post photos here later once everything uploaded here.

For that, good bye 2009 and Greeting to year 2010 to all!

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Syamsulfaiz said...

I was in town too when you were in KL. But I was very busy arranging renovation of my new house. Tak sempat call dan jumpa bro. I am sure you had a good time.