Friday, January 8, 2010

Ridiculous Concept Of Termination

I have an Astro set at my previous home but knowing we will move out, so stop paying the bill. So Astro cut off the line temporarily for amount that still outstanding.

Once we move out, I decided to terminate the account. When I called Astro they told me that to enable the termination, it must be made in 1 month notice AND my account must be active. I was like HUH???!!! BIG TIME!!!! This is so ridiculous.

Meaning that I have to pay for the outstanding amount first just to make the account active then plus another a month billing just to adhere the 1 month notice before it can be terminated for good. This is really an organized scam work!!! What am I suppose to do with the active account for a month if am not there to watch it?!

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Anonymous said...

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