Monday, March 2, 2009

A Sad Day.. Elisa's version

It was sad to hear someone in the family just passed away. Since yesterday morning, I heard this news and this morning, another family member also passed away. Al-fatihah....

Last night, my mom and dad in law went to Majlis Tahlil. Since they are not home, Elisa were asking about it:-

Elisa : Pa, Mummy(my Mom in law) pegi siney?
Aku : Pegi tempat orang meninggal.
Elisa : Ah? Meninggal?

Then I realised, she do not understand what "meninggal" means.

Aku : Pegi tempat orang mati.
Elisa : Ooooo.. Mummy pegi sia buat apa?
Aku : Mummy pegi sia maok baca doa, baca Al-Fatihah.
Elisa : Ooooo.. Mummy nak, pegi sia nak, lepas baca bismillah, nya tiup orang ya.
Aku : Kenak nya tiup?
Elisa : Tiup laa.. lepas ya orang yang bangun dari tidur.

I guess, she must have misunderstood the whole concept of death. But anyway, she's only 3 years old, what more version do we expect for her to understand??


cohong gym said...

she still very young. but ok apa, baru 3 tapi sudah petah bercakap.

Anyway, takziah pada ur family

Anonymous said...

Al-Fatihah. Takziah Man